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About Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Since its establishment in 1997, the Department of Computer & Information Sciences (CIS) has grown with diverse background of academic and support staff with rich industrial experiences as well as in the academia. We are located at Block 01 and 02 of the Academic Building with fully equipped ICT labs.

We offer an industry relevant undergraduates programme and multi-disciplinary postgraduates programme serving diverse international students as well as multinational global corporate employer. The programmes are:


Undergraduate Programme



Postgraduate Programme​



The prospective students will find a friendly community of more than 100 postgraduate students by research at MSc and PhD level and more than 800 students at the undergraduate level. This provides an excellent mixed of domestic and international students from Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Cambodia, Nigeria, Libya, Chad and Iraq.


The Department is lively and diverse with research interests spanning a wide spectrum from fundamental to applied computing in various domain with greater emphasis on oil and gas industries. As such, it crosses the boundaries of business, engineering, computer science, information science as well as social sciences. The Department works closely with other departments within the University, providing a fertile environment for cross-disciplinary research which is funded by the internal funds, industry and government agencies.



This diversity has always given the Department a refreshing perspective on both of its Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) curriculum offered at the undergraduate level. The curriculum is accredited by the Malaysian Quality Assurance (MQA) and our graduates have been very successful in their pursuit for career and knowledge.