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 Financial Aid



​The university will assist students in applying for financial aids, sponsorships and educational loans for their studies from various sources including PTPTN, MARA, JPA, state foundations, and corporate companies. Further enquiries on financial aids can be directed to Financial Aids and Bursaries Unit of Centre for Student Services Department.



*Updated as of 7 January 2019

​Sponsor : INDUS Education Foundation

Application Link :


Sponsor : EPF

Application Link : 

Sponsor : PTPTN

Application Link :


List of Financial Aid / Sponsorship


External Agencies


Corporate Sponsorships


​​​​​Internal Financial Support System for current students is available

Zakat For UTP Malaysian Muslim Students



For further info, please contact :


Nursakinah binti Salim

Financial Aid & Bursary

Centre for Student Services

Tel : 053688432 / 3688415 / 8543 / 8602 / 8367 / 8402

Email : / / /