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Asnaf In UTP


There are four (4) types of Asnaf that has been identified in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) who are eligible to apply and receive zakat:  

  • Miskin

    One with insufficient means of livelihood to meet his/her basic needs

  • Ghorimin

    One who is in debt but needs assistance to meet his/her basic needs.

  • Fisabilillah

    One who strives in the cause of Allah for the betterment of the community

  • Amil

    One who is appointed to collect Zakat and the expenses incurred in the 

    administration of Zakat

Types Of Aid


Zakat and Waqaf Management Unit (ZWMU) has identified ten (10) types of aid to be provided to UTP students: 

  • Tuition fees

  • Beginning of studies tuition fees

  • Pocket money

  • Educational equipment

  • Internship / exchange program

  • Hafizul quran

  • Tafaqquhfiddin tuition fund

  • Khairu ummah development fund

  • Eidul Fitr Consolation 

  • Academic excellence incentives

Distribution Rate


Type Criteria And Rate
Pocket Money
  • Household income is below RM4000
  • RM200 a month will be provided
Tuition Fees (Asnaf ghorimin)   
  • Just to ease the burden of student debt and ensure the continuity of their studies without any obstacles such as: 
    • could not take their examination slips
    • cannot register subjects 
  • Gross income of parents is less than RM3,000 and between RM3,001 - RM7,000 

Beginning of studies tuition fees

  • Can apply on second semester of study for students of new entrants
  • Gross income of parents is less than RM3,000 is qualified for aid amounting to RM2,000
  • Gross income of parents is between RM3,001 - RM7,000 is qualified for assistance of RM1,000
  • Will only be granted once during whole studies in UTP

Educational equipment


  • Gross income of parents is less than RM3,000 is eligible to apply and must be supported and certified by a Lecturer or Manager

E (1) - Internship / Exchange programme

(Fi Sabilillah) 


  • For student who is involved in exchange programmess or industrial training abroad
  • Gross income of parents is less than RM3,001 - RM7,000 is qualified for assistance of RM2,000 

E (2) - Internship / Exchange programme

(Asnaf miskin)


  • The income of the parent is within the had kifaya (miskin) when compared to the cost of financing to participate in the programme
  • Gross income of parents is less than RM3,000 is qualified for assistance of RM2,000 + flight ticket

Hafizul Quran


  • Certificate from an institution certified by the JTAZU which indicates that the students have completed memorizing 30 Juzuk in the Quran
  • Pass the test of tasmi' each semester according to the criteria set by the institution who is appointed by JTAZU to carry out the tests
  • Memorise at least 20 Juzuk to get a scholarship that covers 2/3 of the study cost
  • Maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5 in each semester
  • Always actively assists the mosque / religious activities in accordance with the requirements set by An-Nur Islamic Centre 
Tafaqquh Fid Din Tuition Fund
  • For students who wish to pursue religious studies during the semester break or get permission for the purpose of its kind
  • Preference to students who are active in the mosque or religious activities in the campus 
  • Funding covers the cost of travel, living and studies in the relevant local institutions to students in the poor category 
  • Funding covers the cost of studies only to students in the category of fi sabilillah (not poor)

Khairu ummah development fund


  • Based on the participation of the Group / Committee 
  • Programmes include:
    • Courses in the field of Islam 
    • Skill courses that contribute to the strengthening of religious programmes on campus
    • Participation in competitions that can contribute to religious activities in the campus


Additional documents: Paperwork approved by the department 

Eidul Fitr Consolation 


  • Subject to the decision of JTAZU
  • Selected among recipients of poor categories of zakat

Academic excellence incentives

  • The applicant must achieve a GPA of 3.75 and above for the current semester for Degree Students
  • The applicant must achieve a CGPA of 3.75 and above for the third semester only for Foundation Students


Additional documents: a copy of the latest semester examination results slip