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Asnaf In UTP


There are four (4) types of Asnaf that has been identified in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) who are eligible to apply and receive zakat:  

  • Miskin

    One with insufficient means of livelihood to meet his/her basic needs

  • Ghorimin

    One who is in debt but needs assistance to meet his/her basic needs.

  • Fisabilillah

    One who strives in the cause of Allah for the betterment of the community

  • Amil

    One who is appointed to collect Zakat and the expenses incurred in the 

    administration of Zakat

Types Of Aid


Zakat and Waqaf Management Unit (ZWMU) has identified three (3) types of aid to be provided to UTP students: 

  • ​​TAZU Special Scheme : For New Intake Foundation & Undergraduate
  • TAZU Normal Scheme : Foundation & Undergraduate
  • Other Financial Program - Ghorimin Assistance for students with tuition fees debt                                   ​             - Petty cash bantuan kebajikan zakat

Distribution Rate

General Requirement

  1. ​Local Muslim Student
  2. Fulltime UTP Student and Active for Current Semester
  3. No Disciplinary Records (Syariah, Criminal or UTP)
  4. Household Income as per Zakat Schemes Requirements
    ​​ ​a) B40- RM4,000 and Below           b) M40- RM4,001 until RM8,000
  5. Received Financial Assistance from PTPTN or Equivalent 
  6. CGPA or GPA 2.00 and Above​