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 (Technology Research Excellence (TREx)

Research Management Centre  

As an educational institution that is heavily invested in research and innovation, RMC serves as an establishment to manage and facilitate activities related to R&D in-line with UTP's vision. The centre is also tasked to source and manage funds to ensure all research activities are sustainable and objective-driven.

The research at​ Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS brings together outstanding international researchers, working together with leading international companies and organisations to develop and innovate solutions in overcoming critical world issues and set the agenda for the future research and education.  

UTP is committed to bring a world leader in research. With that, our key success factors in research are as follows:

  • Recruit and develop the best researchers locally and internationally
  • Promote and facilitate collaboration in multi-disciplinary research
  • Develop innovative solutions to meet the challenges facing the society and contribute to wealth creation
  • Develop strategic research partnership with leading companies, government organisations, and research group globally
  • Initiate leading research across the full spectrum of research clusters from fundamental​