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Su​​ccess St​ories

​Kuhan Pathy Makes a Difference with the Path Least Taken​
Kuhan Pathy’s long list of achievements shows his drive to not just succeed in education and career, but to also make a difference in the community and nation-building.​
​​Silver Chancellor Award​ winner Sathes Kumar’s belief that one should never “self-reject” has taken him far
How many of you who had just graduated would think of applying for a job that required 3-5 years’ experience just because it “really resonated’ with your aspirations and what you studied at university? Sathes Kumar Sandasegaran did just that - and got the job, having graduated only in May 2020.
​Dr. Putri Afzan Maria Zulkifli: This early childhood educationist ​proves that your heart ultimately holds the roadmap to your success
The spark that ignited Dr. Putri Afzan Maria Zulkifli’s rewarding journey into Early Childhood Education started when she decided to follow her heart.
How a resourcefulness mindset helped Patrick Tan achieve ambitious goals (and disrupt the resume writing services market in Malaysia!)
Not many students can put in their own resume that they helped 18,000 of their fellow students get jobs. UTP Chemical Engineering graduate Patrick Tan did.
Nurturing Ent​repreneurship Thinking
​​​Did you know that UTP’s Technopreneurship Office has developed 120 startups and generated 8800 jobs? We go behind the scenes to uncover the secret of its success.

Zamri Abdullah believes that entrepreneurship is a na​​tional agenda, not just the exclusive purview of a few.
“Mum was the domestic engineer and handyman in our household. She fixes everything!”
​​​As a homemaker, Nor Hawati Yaacob was the designated handyman in her household – or as her children like to call her, “domestic engineer”.

Taking the cue from their dexterous mother, all her three children grew up tinkering with the household items. It was there that their love and curiosity for engineering began.
Carpedia co-founder and career coach Ameirul Azraie believes that to realise your true potential, you must take bold steps to pursue your dreams.
Kalau hidup sekadar hidup, khinzir di hutan juga hidup. Kalau bekerja sekadar bekerja, kera juga bekerja.
”Drawing inspiration from the Indonesian philosopher Buya Hamka, UTP alumni Ameirul Azraie built the foundation of his career as a career coach and entrepreneur: Ameirul took the road less travelled to discover his true calling.
​From Kampung Girl to Oil and Gas Engineer: Cempaka Lim Leads the Way for Fresh Grads​
Visit Cempaka Lim’s Instagram account @cempaka.l, and you’ll see among the photos of herself at work in the oil and gas industry, many shots of her posing at her family’s mango farm, and on her beloved motor kapcai, in Kuala Perlis. Or as she puts it, her kampung.

  ​Last updated: 12 September 2022​