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​UTP Griffin seeks to develop a strong esports ecosystem
Club aims to send players for Perak’s SUKMA selection
Juliana is a collaborative visionary
Enabling Big Data: Building the Capabilities That Really Matter
Symphony of hundreds of years old
The music can really rouse the audience’s emotions to devastating proportions

UTP Drillers concocts a new formula with elite programme
UTP a breeding ground for future pro rugby players
TAZU alumni Chose UTP as a Springboard to Launch a Career in Oil and Gas
Financial Aid Helped Qamarul to Focus on His Study
USR Team Visits Lombok’s Earthquake Victims
Project LA4S Installs Two Water Filtration Systems for Madrasah Alam Sayang Ibu

​Gatra Kedua Ensures Gamelan Survivability
UTP Gamelan Sanggar Kirana, at the Heart of Gamelan’s Revival
Bridging the Leadership Gap
University Election Changed to a Two-Party System to Encourage More Young​ Voters

​          ​Last updated: 2 July 2020​