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​Curbvious to Reverse Course of Flooding
Our Roads Will Become Smarter and it Will Be Much Easier to Integrate and Control Flood
Ong and team are packaging the future with nanotechnology
Team NanoMalaysia won prestigious award in London
​Jabir Meftah, a social entrepreneur in the making
Jabir pleads Malaysia’s good Samaritans to make Malaysia clean

​​UTP Spinners building roster for 2020’s tournaments
Club’s focus is now shifted towards polishing young talents
Showing up with hope
HOPE 3.0 brought bright smiles to Kampung Sungai Air Perah, Parit, Perak
Thusaleni Chose Japanese University to Further Ideas on Nanoscience Research
Properties of Ceramic are an Important Part in the Study of Nanomedicine

​Future Malaysian engineers and technologies grace traditional and modern dances
UPAG dancers strut their stuff at international dance competitions
Up against industry Goliaths
Industry engagement earned Rahman an award nomination alongside the movers and shakers of the energy industry

​          ​Last updated: 22 September 2020​