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  • Zakat Management (ZM) was established on 1st September 2017 under the direction of Vice Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). 

  • ZWMU have two important roles which are zakat and waqaf and supported by Tabung Amanah Zakat UTP (TAZU).

  • Starting from 2011, TAZU is allowed to collect zakat among UTP and PETRONAS staff after IPTSB signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Majlis Agama Islam & Adat Melayu Perak (MAIPk). 

  • As a result from the MoU, 50% of the collection will be returned to TAZU to be distributed to the four categories of asnaf in UTP namely "Miskin", "Gharimin", "Fisabilillah" and "Amil".

  • MAIPk has approved and agreed to appoint UTP as Wakaf Mutawali and collect waqaf funds. 

  • On 12 December 2017, ZM received the official letter of appointment as Mutawali from MAIPk. 

  • UTP signed an MoU with MAIPk to be appointed as Wakaf Mutawalli on 18 May 2018. 



  • Based on shariah principles
  • Continuous development of asnaf
  • Sustainability of education for asnaf






  • Surah Al-Baqarah; verse 43 which means :

"Establish regular prayers and pay zakat, and give zakat and bow down with those who rukuk."


  • Surah At-Taubah verse 103: Which means:

"Take alms of their wealth in part, to the charity that you cleanse and purify them and pray for them for prayers to give peace for them. And Allah is Hearing, Knowing .. "


  • Surah Al-An'aam; verse 141 which means :

"Eat the fruit when they bear fruit and fulfill their rights (duties) on the day of harvest (to be issued zakat) .."




  • Narrated from Abdullah bin Umar, Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

"Islam is built upon five pillars: Shahada is no God except Allah and Muhammad the messenger of Allah, establish regular prayers, pay zakat, fasting Ramadan and performing hajj .." (Bukhari and Muslim)


  • Hadith narrated by Ali RA of meaning :

"He requires (zakat) for rich people from the Muslims on their property in accordance with the limits fuqara adequacy between them. Those poor people will not be lacking when they are hungry or naked, except for the behaviour of those rich in between them. Remember that God will punish them severely, and those with painful .. " (Ath-Thabrani)