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Payment Method


There are three (3) methods of payment for zakat:

1. MyPassport


This is an option for UTP and PETRONAS staff. Choose to pay zakat through monthly salary deduction via MyPassport:   

   Zakat Payment via myPassport.png

Step-by-Step Guide to fill in the form at MyPassport for New Deduction or Increase Deduction

2. Payment by cash


Zakat payment can also be made in cash to an appointed Amil or through online transfer as below details: 


​Amil ​

        ​:   Ustaz Zuriat Omar
​            0134407678 / 053688504



Online Transfer ​

​:  Bank Islam Berhad
​   08086010016936



3. Manual Form


This option is available for UTP & PETRONAS Staff. Fill in the form and submit it to respective Human Resource Management Department to pay zakat through monthly salary deduction. 

PY07 3rd Party Application Change and Termination Form