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Bachelor in Information Technology(Hons)

International Collaborative Programme​​​​​

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Universiti Tekno​​logi PETRONAS (UTP) Malaysia, ranked 361 in QS World University Rankings for the Year 2023 has inked an agreement with Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia on 11 April 2022, to offer a collaborative programme for Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours and Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours. This collaboration will offer opportunities for Bachelor of Computer Science in Information Technology, ITS students to transfer their credits to the UTP Information Systems or Information Technology programmes upon completion of the first 2.5 years at ITS. At UTP, the students will spend the remaining two years of study, including internship. Upon completion of studies and satisfying all graduation requirements of both universities, students will be conferred degrees from both UTP and ITS. The st​udents will benefit from studying abroad with the potential for a Malaysian internship experience and potential employment-seeking in any part of the world including Malaysia. It is an excellent opportunity for students wh​o intend to seek different learning and cultural experiences, with an affordable tuition fee and living expenses.  ​  

Career Pathw​ay

Studying a collaborative degree program allows students to broaden their options between their home country and the partnering institution's location. It helps students build expertise and develop a wider range of skills in two different or complementary areas, leading to multiple career opportunities upon completing their dual degree.​

The Uniqueness and Benefits

  1. Students will gain a competitive edge in the current and future job market. This dual degree program encourages learning across multiple computing bodies of knowledge to produce graduates with a variety of skills and talents.
  2. This dual degree program prepares students to become well-rounded graduates by exposing them to various specializations, hands-on training, and certifications in a borderless world. Students will also be exposed to diverse cultures and languages in different parts of world-class campuses with state-of-the-art facilities.
  3. The dual degree program offers an economical option for overseas qualification, allowing ITS students to pursue the first two years of civil engineering studies at ITS and later advance their studies at UTP with credit exemption.
  4. Upon completion of studies and satisfying all graduation requirements of both universities, students will be conferred degrees from both UTP and ITS.
  5. Students will have enriching learning and cultural experiences within an international environment.
  6. There is a Malaysian internship program (7 months) available, offering a structured program in Tier 1 companies.
  7. The program emphasizes an industry-driven curriculum with more than 60 adjunct lectures yearly by industry experts, field excursions, and exposure to industry projects.
  8. The program employs a state-of-the-art teaching and learning philosophy and facilities.
  9. The program offers affordable fees and living expenses.

Study Pathway

How To Apply

For further details, you may contact:
Chair, Department of Computer Information Sciences
Associate Professor Ts Dr Mohd Hilmi bin Hasan