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​Management & Humanities Department


The department of Management and Humanities forms a unique part of Universiti Teknologi PTERONAS (UTP) in that it serves many integral functions within the institution.

Chief of the department's role is as the academic custodian for the Bachelor in Business Management (BBM) program which began in 2019. This undergraduate program represents the department and university's aspirations to provide quality education particularly in the field of business studies, incorporating the latest in modern entrepreneurial ideas and technological innovations, all driven by critical changes brought on by the effect of big data. MH department ensures that its faculty members are equipped with the latest in market-based knowledge so that relevant guidance can be provided to its students.

Apart from its current custodial role, MH Department is also integral to students' overall educational experience particularly in the way it serves the needs of ensuring UTP students' holistic capabilities. This refers to the department's dedication towards ensuring the formation of strong leadership, good behavioural and communication skills, analytical thinking ability, as well as managerial, business and social competencies within all students in the institution. The faculty members who are well-qualified and highly experienced bring their expertise to bear in mentoring their charges. Divided into three sections, the department organizes itself as Business & Management, Language & Communication and Social Science & Humanities Clusters. These three Clusters complement each other in providing innovating teaching that integrates learning and thinking skills with soft skills so that UTP students will be well-rounded graduates.  

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