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Business Management



This programme provides students with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills of business management especially in core business areas and business analytics.

Throughout the programme, students will develop a business mindset and analytical skills to make informed decisions in data-driven organisations through synthesising data for sound business solutions.

All students of Bachelor in Business Management will undergo a 7-month internship during their final year which will enhance the employability.

Specialisation in Business Analytics

Students will specialise in Business Analytics which is the combination of skills, technologies, applications, and processes used by businesses. In the current data-driven business landscape, companies generate real-time data to predict future trends for better decision-making and business strategies. Business Analytics will provide cutting edge expertise and skills to unlock values for improved business solutions.


Unique Value Propostion for BBM (Hons) in Business Analytics at UTP

  • Industry-driven programme
  • Industry validated curriculum & design
  • Broad-based programme with future-oriented specialisation
  • Current and relevant to employment sector
  • Forefront of 21st century business environment
  • Quality teaching and advanced learning methodologies

Career Prospect

Business Management career in the area of management, marketing, accounting/ finance, economics, operations, supply chain, and related fields. For example:

  • Business Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Business Data Analysts
  • Marketing Research Analysts
  • Supply Chain Analysts

Programme Educational Objectives

To Produce Business Professionals and Leaders in Various Sectors Globally



3.5 years


Programme Outcomes

To produce well-rounded graduates with the following outcomes:

  • Apply the knowledge of business management to various sectors
  • Create and develop innovative business management solutions using scientific approaches, best practices in meeting stakeholders' needs
  • Demonstrate understanding of professional, ethical, moral, legal and social issues toward society & environment
  • Integrate and implement business management solutions in relevant environments
  • Function and communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts as individual or member of a group
  • Operate and function effectively in multi-disciplinary teams to accomplish a common goal
  • Engage in life-long learning and professional development
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills and business acumen

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with the Bachelor in Business Management with Honours, students are required to obtain a minimum of 122 credit hours. and a minimum CGPA of 2.00/4.00

Summary of Courses Required for​ Graduation 
Course Group (G) Number of Credit Hours
NR - National Requirement 10
UR - University Requirement 16
CC - Core Common 26
CD - Core Discipline 28
CSp - Core Specialisation 30
E - Electives 12