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About Department of Fundamental & Applied Sciences​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


The Fundamental and Applied Sciences Department (FASD) was established on 1 April 2009, and was formerly known as the Foundation Studies Department (FSD). Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Management Committee, in its sitting on 2 Feb 2009, agreed to the proposal of upgrading FSD to FASD. The formation of FASD would certainly assist UTP in accelerating its move towards becoming a research university.


The Fundamental and Applied Sciences Department at UTP currently offers the following programmes:


Undergraduate Programme


Postgraduate Programme


FASD is also supporting the Engineering and Computer Information Science department, by offering Mathematics courses such as Ordinary Differential Equations. Vector Calculus, Computational Methods and Probability & Statistics for undergraduate programmes. Lecturers from the department are also supporting the other department as supervisors for Engineering Team Project, Final Year Project and Postgraduate studies.


All the department members have affiliation in at least one ​​Research Institutes and some of them are also associate members of another ​​Research Institutes. Most of them are Principal Investigators who have secured internal funding and/or external funding. 

​Accreditation & Recognition

Code (MOHE / MQA)
Accreditation Date (MQA)​
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Chemistry​
​R/545/6/0049 / MQA/SWA 4584
​18 Nov 2018 – no expiry date
​Bachelor of​​​​ Science (Hons) in Applied Physics
​R/441/6/0005 / MQA/SWA 4583
Perpetual​ ​18 Nov 2018 – no expiry date
​Master of Science
​​R2/545/7/0016 / MQA/FA 2064
​24 Sep 2014 – no expiry date
​​Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Science
​R2/545/8/0015 / MQA/FA 2065
​23 Oct 2015 – no expiry date

*Updated as at 22​  February 2023