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 Industry Advisory Panel

An "Industry Advisory Panel" is a Professional Engineer or Senior Practitioner from the industry who has wide experience and expertise in his/her field. 

The main role of "Industry Advisory Panel" to provide an industry perspective on the functions and operations of the various academic departments in UTP. The panel is to meet with the department/ University at least once a year for the following purposes: 

  1. To participate in the planning and review to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of the academic programme.
  2. To review and comment on the programme objectives and curriculum implemented for the particular department in relation to current and future needs of the industries.
  3. To review and comment on the standards of teaching and learning approaches used for the related department. This will cover the methods of delivery adopted, the content and facilities used for the delivery of the lecture based courses, the laboratory facilities used for the practical based courses and the implementation of the industrial training programme.

  4. To provide an industry perspective on the quality of graduates to ensure that they are:
    • Significance to the profession
    • Consistent with industry & government objectives
    • In accordance with industry needs
    • Abreast with changes in technology
    • Promote research and development in areas that are critical to the profession, the development of the university and the nation