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PhD in Petroleum Engineering


Venture into ground breaking, multidisciplinary research and work with professors and research teams from other institutions. Get set for advanced specialist research training, independent thought, critical analysis, effective communication and expert knowledge of the discipline.
Programme Educational Objective (PEO)
  1. Experts who are able to practice the knowledge acquired, conduct independent research and generate innovative and creative solution for research and scholarly activities in petroleum engineering related fields.

  2. Experts who promotes lifelong learning and are able to contribute to knowledge creation, innovation and creative solutions for  the well-being and betterment of societies.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)
  1. Demonstrate an in-depth scholarship of petroleum engineering area of research.
  2. Contribute to original research to broaden the boundary of knowledge through thesis.

  3. Construct critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new ideas.

  4. Plan and perform independent research undertakings professionally, ethically and responsibly and to lead/supervise research project.

  5. Internalise research finding & report to peers at level suitable for international publication.

  6. Recognise the needs for continuing professional development.

  7. Provide expert advice to the society in petroleum engineering area of research.


Research Areas
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Oil Field Chemical
  • Flow Assurance
  • Drilling Optimisation
  • Drilling Fluid and Completion
  • Cementing Technology
  • Deep Reservoir (High Pressure High Temperature)
  • Unconventional Hydrocarbon
Programme Duration
Full Time : 3 - 8 years
Part Time : 4 - 10 years
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How will it improve my career prospects?

Fantastic prospects in the global oil and gas industry, and a good starting point for a career in research and academia.



Programme Leader

Dr Mysara Eissa Mohyaldinn