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 Master by Coursework

Courses Offered

MSc by Coursework & Dissertation ​Code
MSc in Data Science (ODL) ​​New​
MBA in En​ergy Management​
MBA in En​ergy Management (ODL) JPT/BPP(R-DL/0414/7/0076)09/29
MSc in Applied Computing
MSc in Applied​ Computing (ODL)
MSc in Asset Management & Maintenance​
MSc in Asset Management & Maintenance (ODL)
MSc in Corrosion Engineering JPT/BPP(N/527/7/0021)07/24
MSc in Corrosion Engineering ODL
MSc in Drilling Engineering JPT/BPP(R/544/7/0003)08/24
MSC in Drilling Engineering (ODL)​
Master of Science in Electronics Systems Engineering ​JPT/BPP(R3/523/7/0098)10/27​​​​
MSc in Electronic Systems Eng​ineering (ODL) JPT/BPP(R-DL/0713/7/0006)04/29​
MSc in Industrial Environmental Engineering JPT/BPP(R/0717/7/0003)07/29
MSc in Industrial Environmental Engineering (ODL)
MSc in Offshore Engineering JPT/BPP(R/526/7/0080)08/24
MSc in Offshore Engineering (ODL)
MSc in Petroleum Engineering JPT/BPP(R2/524/7/0046)05/25
MSc in Petroleum Engineering (ODL)
MSc in Petroleum Geoscience JPT/BPP(R3/443/7/0001)07/26
MSc in Petroleum Geoscience (ODL)
Master of Science in Process Integration JPT/BPP(R3/0711/7/0008)07/29
MSc In Process Integration (ODL)
MSc in Process Safety​ JPT/BPP(R/540/7/0015)12/25
MSc in Process Safety (ODL)

Duration of Courses

By Coursework and Dissertation (Conventional & ODL)


​​​1 year ​
​3 years

Contact Persons for Programme

For more information, you may get in touch with the various department's key contact persons, as follows:

Programme Name Contact info
MSc in Process Safety (Conventional & ODL) ​​
Dr. Nurul Ekmi binti Rabat
​​​​MSc in Process Integration (Conventional & ODL)
Dr. Wan Zaireen Nisa Bt Yahya
MSc in Offshore Engineering (Conventional & ODL) 
MSc in Asset Management & Maintenance Ts. Dr Ho Yeek Chia
MSc in Applied Computing Ts. Dr Nurul Aida Bt Osman
MSc in Drilling Engineering Dr Emelia Akashah Bt Patah Akhir
MBA in Energy Management (Conventional & ODL) Dr Amjad Shamim​
MSc in Asset Management & Maintenance (Conventional & ODL) Ts. Dr Azlan bin Ahmad
MSc in Corrosion Engineering Assoc. Prof. Ir Dr Mokhtar bin Che Ismail
MSc in Drilling Engineering Dr. Dzeti Farhah binti Mohshim
MSc in Petroleum Geoscience Dr. Berihun Mamo Negash
MSc in Petroleum Geoscience (Conventional & ODL) Ts. Dr. Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff
MSc in Electronics Systems Engineering (Conventional & ODL) AP. Dr Fawnizu Azmadi bin Hussin



Contact Persons for Admission

All admission process is managed by the Admission Unit. For admission status and procedure, please contact the following addresses :

Name Responsibility Contact Details
Nurfarahin bt M Suffi Postgraduate (Local)
M Azri b Mustaffa Postgraduate (International)


Note:All contact persons are available only during working days, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 8am to 5pm (GMT +8.00).

​Last updated: 27​ May​ 2024​