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MSc in Petroleum Engineering​​ (By Research)


Gain learning experience and industry relevant research and field development projects related to the needs of the petroleum industry. The close interaction amongst students and industry practitioners sets the stage for rich intellectual exchange and discource. 


Programme Educational Objective (PEO)
  1. Specialists who are able to practice the knowledge acquired and generate innovative and creative solution for research and scholarly activities in petroleum engineering related fields.

  2. Specialists who promotes lifelong learning and are able to contribute to knowledge creation, innovation and creative solutions for  the well-being and betterment of societies.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)
  1. Demonstrate continuing and advanced knowledge and have the capabilities to further develop or use these in new situation or multi-disciplinary contexts.
  2. Analyse and evaluate problems in the petroleum engineering discipline critically particularly in situations with limited information.
  3. Appraise available information and research evidence and apply it in the petroleum engineering context.
  4. Plan and perform research undertakings professionally, ethically and responsibly.
  5. Report technical findings in both written and oral forms.
  6. Recognise the needs for continuing professional development.
  7. Evaluate problems and provide solutions through the application of appropriate tools and techniques in petroleum engineering.
Research Areas
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Oil Field Chemical
  • Flow Assurance
  • Drilling Optimisation
  • Drilling Fluid and Completion
  • Cementing Technology
  • Deep Reservoir
  • Unconventional Hydrocarbon


Programme Duration

Full Time : 2 - 4 years
Part Time : 3 - 6 years
Programme Fee
Local Student
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How will it improve my career prospects?

Fantastic prospects in the global oil and gas industry, and a good starting point for a career in research and academia.



Programme Leader

Dr. Shiferaw Regassa Jufar