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Credited Co-Curriculum​


Co-Curricular activities are regarded as an important component in building self-esteem and a tool in moulding students into well-rounded graduates. Participation in these activities is one of the many requirements needed for graduation in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.


Co-Curriculum Programme is an on-going process, which provides students with experience and exposure to theories and practical work without interfering with their main focus of studies. Co-Curriculum courses in UTP have been carefully developed and designed to achieve the University's objectives and requirements. Each co-curricular activity is handled by experienced and qualified personnel to ensure high quality in the teaching-learning process of all existing courses.


Credited Co-Curriculum Philosophy

Education through involvement in co-curricular activities is an on going process, which develops the individual's behavioural, emotional, physical and social aspects. This on-going learning experience can come in the form of formal and informal ways, which develop total awareness such as appreciation, analytical thinking and problem solving which are essential in everyday life.


Credited Co-Curriculum Mission and Objectives

To produce excellent balanced and integrated graduates who are ready to face the challenges of the contemporary world successfully, which is in line with the vision of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.

The objectives of the Co-Curriculum Programme are as stated below:

  • To fulfill the mission and vision of UTP in producing all-rounded graduates who are creative and innovative.
  • Provide a comprehensive all-round education to enhance students' knowledge, experience and capabilities.
  • To produce graduates with rational thinking, healthy body and mind.
  • To provide invaluable experiences in all aspects of management such as planning, coordinating and implementation through co-curricular activities.



Participation in Credited Co-Curriculum Programme is essential and as important as academic pursuit in producing well-rounded graduates. Credited Co-Curriculum Programme is part of University's courses and therefore is COMPULSORY for all students to obtain minimum of "D" grade in Credited Co-Curriculum courses taken.


Credit Hours

The total credit hours needed to graduate is four (4) for students beginning in the FOUNDATION programme and two (2) for those who came in directly into the UNDERGRADUATE programme. Students are allowed to take more than the required credit hours but only the required number of credit hours will be taken into consideration for graduation purposes.                                   


Choice of Courses

There are four categories in the Co-Curriculum Programme, which are:

  • Arts and Cultural
  • Sports
  • Innovation, Leadership, Public Speaking and Entrepreneurship
  • Volunteer Work and Community Service

For Level II programme, students are required to obtain a minimum of "D" grade in Level I for the respective courses.



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