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To create conducive living environment that will make students feel comfortable and able to adapt to university life


  1. To provide a comfortable, safe and secure residence
  2. To maintain and enhance the facilities and services for conducive living of the residents
  3. To organize programs and activities that can enhance students interactions and develop their soft skills


Total hostel capacity is 5950 beds including existing USM building and temporary hostel.

UTP has leased 4 additional buildings at Seri Iskandar Business Centre (SIBC) that can accommodate 680 students, bringing it to a total of 6630 beds.


Key functions of Residential Village

Management and administration of student activities and accommodation

  • Students welfare and events
  • Accommodation services

Enforcement of student/hostel rules and regulations

  • Provide awareness on hostel rules and requirements
  • Enforce hostel rules and regulations

Management of hostel facilities

  • Plan and manage  hostel facilities requirements
  • Monitor and report conditions of hostels and facilities​

Contact Person

Lakhbir B Sardar
Tel: +605-368 8442