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Responsible for management and co-ordination of UTP sports, recreational and cultural activities. This includes organising, managing and coordinating activities and competition internally or externally. Besides that the unit also involved in planning and training of UTP teams for sports as well as cultural teams for their talent development.


Sports and recreation facilities available for students and staff to experience.
i.  Court Facilities
  • ​Badminton (4 units)
  • ​Sepak Takraw (1 unit)
  • ​Tennis (4 units)
  • ​Basketball (4 units)
  • ​Squash (4 units)
  • ​Table Tennis (4 units)
  • ​Volleyball (3 units)
  • ​Netball (2 units)
  • ​Beach Volleyball (1 unit)
  • ​Futsal (5 units)
ii.  Field Facilities                                                  iii. Other Facilities  
  • ​Football (2 units)
  • ​Swimming Pool (25 meters)​
  • ​Rugby (1 unit)
  • ​​Extreme Park (skateboarding)
  • ​Hockey (unit)
  • ​Kayak (10 units)


swimming.jpg    Swimming Pool

swimming.jpg Kayak

swimming.jpg       Football Field


Futsal Court

swimming.jpg      Sepak Takraw Court

swimming.jpg          Basketball Court


 Tennis Court

swimming.jpg Volleyball Court


Rugby Field

Responsible for management and co-ordination of UTP performing arts and culture activities. The University encourages its student to be involved in cultural activities to enhance their skill other than purely technical in a more subtle approach. With the diversity of students in UTP, we hope that through the performing arts and cultural activities, students will began to learn, express, appreciate, respect each other values and cultures. 
Performing Arts & Cultural activities have become popular amongst the students and plays an important role in various students’ and UTP activities and functions.
As to date, we have the following groups available in UTP:

UTP Gamelan Group - Sanggar Kirana

​The UTP Gamelan Group Sanggar Kirana was established in 2002 to promote Malaysian culture, develop traditional music and instil arts and music skills among varsity students. The ensemble consists of 30 students with various academic backgrounds under the baton of Zaidin Mohd Nor and Teuku Umar Ilany Teuku Iskandar. Since its inception, the team has been involved in performances and events for the university, PETRONAS as well as the state government. UTP Gamelan Group participated in the International Gamelan Festival at Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2008; Malaysia Night 2015 in London and Taste of Malaysian Culture in Nottingham, United Kingdom in 2015 and recently International Gamelan Festival in Solo, Indonesia 2018. The ensemble's first and second consecutively music album Gatra Pertama and Gatra Kedua were launched in 2013 and 2017 respectively. It is the first ever gamelan album produced in Malaysia by university students. 

Launcing album 2017.1-min.JPG_DSC7357-1-min.jpg_DSC5892_1-min.jpg

UTP Performing Arts Group - UPAG

UTP Performing Arts Group (UPAG) was officially established back in 2002. Since then, UPAG has vigorously promoted and showcased various Malaysian arts and dances through lively and colourful performances. Consisting of 30 students of different races pursuing various academic disciplines, UPAG's ambition is to be a catalyst to inspire an appreciation of Malaysia's art, culture and heritage. UPAG has been the champion of Festival of Colours of the World (FESCO) for four years since 2008. They represented Malaysia for Cheonan World Dance Festival in Korea in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2018 and successfully won various awards including First Place and Best Team for Street Parade and Best Costume Award category. Local awards include First Place in Festari Perak 2015 and Third Place in UniKL Intervarsity Festival of Arts 2017. UPAG has been invited to perform in various international art festivals in Cambodia, Thailand, China and Taiwan. In 2015, the group performed at Trafalgar Square, London for Malaysia Night 2015 making them the first Malaysian university dance group invited by MATRADE for this prestigious event. The club has been awarded Award Ceremony Best Event Participation, Best Art Group of the Year in 2018 for their exceptional club performance. This year, they were awarded for UTP Special Jury, Outstanding Club and Society for Heritage Arts and Culture Clubs. ​

_DSC9021-1-min.jpgCheonan 2018-Pic 6-min.jpgERN1-min.jpg
UTP Tronoh Theatre Shop (TTS) - Drama & Theatre Group
​Tronoh Theatre Shop (TTS) is a theatre group from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Tronoh, Perak, founded in 2003, which involves in various activities, mainly theatre, sketch and mime shows. TTS have been actively participating with various shows, especially in events and programs organized both inside and outside of campus. TTS are constantly producing new talents in acting, script writing, directing, stage presence and technical management. They have only one goal in mind, to showcase their talent by entertaining the audience with the art of theatre. They served outstanding achievements as the finalist of Festival Theatre Malaysia, FTM 2018 and Short & Sweet in Sydney.​

11236433_924694154232933_1185102964116943196_n.jpg11951801_489962824506116_3629811147471525761_n.jpgMahkamah keadilan.jpg

UTP Interbeatz Dance Crew
Founded in 2009, INTERBEATZ is a dance group comprising of different nationalities but with one shared passion – dancing! This driven passion has anchored different dance styles including hip hop, urban and freestyle. Their dance prowess has garnered them, among others, 1st place for Dance Never Stop Volume 1 in 2015 and many more including winning 1st runner up at the Super Dancers International Grand Finals, where they represented Malaysia. Down the years, this group aims to pursue far in their skill set of a variety of dance styles while embracing hip hop.


UTP Virtuoso Group
UTP Virtuoso Group emerged in late 2007 under the supervision and advised by music arranger Zaidin Mohd Nor. The group also casually called 'The UTP Official Band', renders various kind of songs ranging from 60s ballads, traditional, evergreens to today's mainstream hits. In short, the band has great music nous and versatility to match. The club has also established themselves as a music performing mainstay at UTP.


UTP Bhangra Group - Gajjdi Jawani
​UTP Bhangra Group a.k.a. Gajjdi Jawani was established nine years ago by students Elangesh and Harnamdav Singh. Bhangra is a celebratory folk dance that origins from Punjab, India. Gajjdi Jawani has garnered awards including Champions in Dhiirathi Nakshartra 2011, winning Bronze in Dance Category in the Festival of Colours of the World, Champions in Artistry of Rhythms 2012, Fourth Place in International Bhangra Down Under in Melbourne, 2016. Their colourful costumes symbolise joyful celebrations and freedom to portray dance movements due to the nature of the unique dance and its upbeat songs reflecting such energy associated with the dance.


UTP Chinese Orchestra (UTPCO)
Founded in 2006, UTPCO is an orchestral group promoting traditional Chinese Culture, developing music and rendering arts and music skills among the students. From instruments of plucked strings, bowed strings, woodwinds, and percussion, students are free to pickup any instruments of their preference. Passion towards the instruments can lead students to higher places such as nationally organized musical events such as the Red Sonata Festival (RSF), collaboration with other universities' orchestral groups or performances in major UTP events. Besides from musical development, one will learn to play as a team. UTPCO is dedicated to the vision of becoming an elegant orchestra to flourish the colourful world of traditional Chinese music, arts, and cultures and embedding cognition in all races.


UTP Petra Group - Traditional Musician
Petra is a newly established group led by Zaidin Mohd Nor, aiming to preserve traditional Malay culture through music like Asli, Inang, Joget, Zapin, Ghazal and Keroncong using traditional and modern musical instruments. Their first ever debut was at UTP's 14th Convocation Ceremony back in 2014 and has been performing for the event annually. The group has won Second Place in Istanbul International Chorus & Folk Music Festival in 2015 in Folk Instrument Category.

DSC_0074-min.JPGOTC2 (2)-min.jpgDSC_0114-min.JPG

UTP Nasyeed Group - Muhandis
Muhandis, in literal Arabic term; “Engineer" is UTP very own nasyid team. Founded in 2010, they had won many awards and competitions beside performing in various shows and events inside and outside UTP every year. The most recent achievement was back in 2019 where Muhandis won third place and special award for the best lyrics on Festival Nasyid IPTA/IPTS (FESNAIS) 2019 took place in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The group also has composed more than 5 original songs of their own.

_DSC9452-1-min.jpgmuhandis.jpg_DSC9461-1-min (1).jpg

UTP Mozambique Group - MyMoz
UTP Mozambique Group known as MyMoz is a group of international students originally from Mozambique, Africa.  They have been representing UTP in university's major events by showcasting their country traditional and modern dances.  MyMoz also participated in various activities and competition and emerged as champion for three years in a row in One World One Culture International Dance Competition among IPT's.


UTP Step Hopperz
Founded in 2013, UTP Step Hopperz which is previously known as UTP Stage Breakerz is officially re-branded in 2019. UTP Step Hopperz  is a Indian based dance group that perform various type of dance in genre such as Indian classical, Bollywood, Modern, Hip-Hop, Locking, Folk, Cinematic, etc. They dance for event and competition both in and out of UTP. They consistently showcase their outstanding performances at carnivals and booth sales both internally in campus and externally as well. Their promising dance techniques among other dance groups made them eligible to win 2nd Runner-up in National inter-varsity Dance Competition 2018 (READY 5678) and their energetic dance covers has reached approximately 3.5M views trending in YouTube for dance cover in 2017 and pose more than 17K + subscribers on YouTube.

stage hopperz.jpgstage hopperz2.jpg JLG_2640-min.jpg

UTP Sangeeth Group
Sangeeth is the only club in UTP that is solely run by Indian students. Their focus is to promote Indian culture and tradition to UTP students of all races. In an effort to preserve the culture, a small division within the club known as Sangeeth Bhajans holds weekly lessons to teach students on how to play traditional musical instruments and sing devotional songs. They also sing in temples during auspicious days. Meanwhile, the second division of the club known as Sangeeth Orchestra organise vocal lessons and teaches how to play modern musical instruments. Sangeeth also carry out few other annual events such as Futsal tournaments, Holi festival and many more. One of their main events is a fund-raising event known as UTP Colours of Ranggoli Night (UCRN) hosting a very well-known inter-university dance competition. All funds raised in this event is given to the local Tamil schools. Lastly, a few proud achievements of the club include performing in Mydin Deepavali Night 2016 and participating in several Bhajanai Competitions.


UTP Caklempo​ng Group - Ritma Kastara
Ritma Kastara is a newly established group since 2015, aiming to preserve Malay traditional music and instrumentation known as caklempong and to instil arts and music skills among varsity students.  Currently the ensemble consists of 20 students with various academic background and they have been representing UTP in university's major events such as UTP Convocation Fest, UTP Co-curriculum Day and several student event.


UTP Chinese Culture Club (UTPCC)
​​​UTP Chinese Cultural Club's (UTPCCC) was established with the aim to preserve and conserve Chinese cultural aspects. We serve the purpose of providing a platform for all UTP-ians from different background to learn the traditions of Chinese community. Through UTPCCC, we hope that the Chinese cultures and traditions can be passed down to the future generations by holding Chinese cultural events and participating both national and international levels. Besides enhancing student's self-development in organizing and running Chinese cultural events, UTPCCC also provides opportunities for members of UTP to celebrate the Chinese festive seasons such as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival.



Mohd Nordin B Abdolatip (Dino)​​
Senior Executive  (Heritage, Arts & Culture Unit)
Talent Enrichment Office
Centre for Student Development
Tel: +6053688421
Azrizal bin Hashri 
Excecutive (Sport Unit)
Talent Enrichment Office 
Centre for Student Development
Tel: +605-368 8427