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Course Registration

​Pre-registration in all credited co-curriculum courses for the coming semester is to be done ONLINE in the second-half of the current semester together with Academic Registration. Registration is based on "first come first served" basis and students are advised to register early in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Credit Transfer
Credit transfer is not permitted for Credited Co-Curriculum Courses.

Course Requirements
Students are required to participate in all activities involved in the Co-Curriculum programme, which involves classroom, and outdoor activities. Any additional expenses (i.e. uniforms, personal equipment etc.) needed for any of the activities are to be borne by the respective students

Participation of Students with Special Needs
All students with physical disabilities are also required to participate in Co-Curriculum Programme. However, students requiring special assistance should notify the Co-Curriculum Executive for guidance and advice regarding the suitability of a course to their need.

Course Evaluation
Evaluation of each co-curriculum course is based on the requirements of the courses. Normally, evaluation is done on these criteria:
1. Attendance (80 % of all classes)
2. Practical and coursework (100%)
The grading system for Credited Co-Curriculum Programme is based on Academic Grading System and will be recorded in the end-semester results' slip. The grading WILL INCLUDE in the CGPA.

Every student will have to fulfil the required 80% of attendance in accordance to the academic rules and regulations. If a student has been absent for more than 20% without any approved exemption, he/she can be barred from taking any further part in the programme and may/will be assigned an "F" grade. Students, who are unable to attend classes and/or practical because of various reasons, MUST:

  1. Fill the form (UTP-AA-001) from Registry Office and hand it to the Student Support Services Department (Co-Curriculum Unit) within a week (7 days) from the date of absence. Please do enclose all related documents. Personal letters will not be entertained.
  2. Students will be notified of the outcome.

Normally all classes, training or co-curriculum activities for Undergraduate Programme are held on Fridays and Saturdays. However, these activities can be held at any other day, which is deemed appropriate. Students are advised to refer to the Co-Curriculum Programme notice board for information on the time and day of a particular course.

Students attending the co-curriculum courses will have to abide by all rules/regulations of each particular course. This includes attire and personal equipment/s needed for certain activities.​