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Rules & Regulations

​Registration is on "first come first served" basis, which means students who register late, may not be able to participate in the preferred co-curriculum course due to limited places.

It is advisable for students to complete the 4 credit hours requirement as soon as possible in order not to jeopardize the graduation process.

Few registration rules & regulations for students to abide are as follows:

  1. Students can opt for the co-curriculum course of their choice, pending on the courses offered and the availability of intake quotes.
  2. After registration, students are not allowed to change courses without prior consent from the Co-Curriculum Executive.
  3. Every student is responsible for his/her actions in order to complete the allocated four (4) or two (2) credit hours needed for graduation.
  4. Participation in Level II is only allowed when a minimum of "D" grade is obtained in the previous level (Level I for respective courses).
  5. All students must abide by all the rules & regulations regarding the Credited Co-Curriculum Programme

Appeal is a formal application instituted by students regarding the Credited Co-Curriculum Programme. Types of appeals are as stated below:

Change of Course
In any event where students are not able to continue in the registered Co-Curriculum course due to health reasons(with the recommendation & report by the physician), they may participate in another suitable course with the consent of Co-Curriculum Executive.
Application to change co-curriculum courses can be considered in the first two weeks of the semester with prior consent of the Co-Curriculum Executive.

Dropping/Withdrawal from any co-curriculum courses due to unavoidable circumstances can be permitted. This has to be done during the Add/Drop/Withdrawal period, which is within the 2nd week of the semester.