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PhD in Arts & Humanities


Explore a wide range of scholarly interests from Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship to Languages and Linguistics. Delve into a humanities and social science specialisation and explore what lies beneath the human experience.
Programme Educational Objective (PEO)
  1. Experts who are able to practice the knowledge acquired, conduct independent research and generate innovative and creative solution for research and scholarly activities in social science & humanities related fields.

  2. Experts who promotes lifelong learning and are able to contribute to knowledge creation, innovation and creative solutions for  the well-being and betterment of societies.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)
  1. Recognise and validate problems using qualitative and/or quantitative research tools.
  2. Critically evaluate literature and relate ideas to business or societal issues in [programme name] related fields.
  3. Appraise existing techniques and apply appropriate research method.
  4. Conduct original research independently and adhere to legal, ethical and professional practices
  5. Demonstrate mastery of qualitative and quantitative research skills
  6. Interpret research findings and recommend solutions using scientific and critical thinking skills
  7. Demonstrate leadership qualities by communicating and working effectively


Research Areas
  • Sociological
  • Cultural & Political Studies
  • Language & Linguistics and Journalism
  • Communication & Media Studies
Programme Duration
Full Time : 3 - 8 years
Part Time : 4 - 10 years
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How will it improve my career prospects?

Acquire research methods training and skills that are relevant to your current and future employment, and facilitate further career progression by gaining professional recognition.



Programme Leader

Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Nuri Al-Amin bin Endut

Email: ​