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Guidelines (Regulations & Ethics)​


  1. Due to the limited number of available parking spaces, students coming to the mosque are   advised to park vehicles at designated parking area only.
  2. Parking indiscriminately may subject to appropriate action by the Security personnel on duty.
  3. Avoid parking at "RESERVED" spaces.
  4. During official events at the Mosque students are not allowed to park their vehicles at any part of the road in the Mosque area.
  5. All footwear's must be placed at the provided racks only.  No footwear is allowed at areas intended to be fit for performing prayers.
  6. Slippers provided for washroom and toilet areas should not be taken out of the toilet areas.
  7. Female students are provided designated areas to perform their prayers. No male students are allowed to enter any part of the female prayer area. During the Friday prayers, the female prayer and ablution area will be opened to the male.
  8. Students are not allowed to make use of any mosque equipment, electrical and water sources for personal use. Usage of those facilities by any group for official activities may only be allowed by written approval by the Mosque Administration Unit.
  9. After the Subh and Isya prayers, the last students to leave the mosque are advised switch off all unnecessary lights and electrical appliances / equipments.
  10. No distribution of commercial promotion materials is allowed in the mosque building area.
  11. Avoid littering or causing any part of the mosque to be dirty. Dustbins are provided at all strategic places at the mosque to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness of the mosque is observed at all time.
  12. Excessive noise by vehicles should be avoided while passing the stretch of road along the front area of the mosque to avoid disturbance to the prayer congregation at the mosque.
  13. Avoid making use of the mosque area as sleeping place. Students who perform qiyam or iktikaf shall not sleep at the main prayer hall (carpeted area)
  14. Any non-Muslim who intend to visit the mosque for academic or social reason are welcome to do so by informing the Mosque Administration Unit so that proper guide could be arranged. Visits by non-Muslims are recommended only at 9.00 am – 12.00 pm, 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm and 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm where the ritual activities are normally at the minimum.


Muslims coming to the mosque must observe the adab of the mosque among which are:

  1. Enter the mosque with the right foot and the special supplication.
  2. If it is not Makruh time, perform two rakaats of Tahiyyatul Masjid before sitting down.
  3. Do not raise voice in the Masjid.
  4. Do not talk of worldly affairs.
  5. Never pass in front of a person performing Salaat.
  6. One should not argue over a particular place in the Masjid.
  7. One should avoid spitting or blowing one's nose in the Masjid.
  8. One should at all times keep the body pure (tahir / suci).
  9.  Keep one's self-occupied with the remembrance of Allah.
  10. If one has lost something, it should not be announced in the Masjid.
  11. Food with strong odour should not be eaten before coming to the Masjid. One should be mindful of their offensive odour and the discomfort it causes others.
  12. One whose clothing has an offensive smell because of excessive sweating, etc. should remove the smell or change the clothing before entering the Masjid.
  13. Dhikr and Quran recital should be made in a manner as not to disturb others.
  14. The fingers should not be cracked.
  15. One should not whistle.
  16. One should sit respectfully in the Masjid without stretching the legs towards the Qibla.
  17. No such act, which distracts others, should be committed in the Masjid.