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Centre of Automotive Research and Electric Mobility​​

Overview & Aspiration
The Centre of Automotive Research and Electric Mobility (CAREM) was conceptualised from the outcome of UTP R&D Masterplan in 2002 which outlined transportation as one of the focus areas of research and development for the University. The Centre was set¬up from the funds of two major grants under the IRPA-PR from The Ministry of Science, Technology and innovation (MOSTI) in 2003.

The vision of CAREM is to be a leader in fuel, engine and vehicle technology development for future

Facilities & Lab Equipment
CAREM has well-equipped laboratories and facilities to support its research endeavors such as engine (single and multi-cylinder) and chassis dynamometer supported with high-end PCs for the modeling and simulation works. The hardware and software in the centre are

  • CATIA v5
  • Kiva 4.0 Engine simulation software
  • GT SUITE (GT-Power, GT-Crank, GT-Vtrain, GT-Drive, GT-Fuel)
Test Beds
  • Single-cylinder optical research engine test bed
  • 150 kW Multi-cylinder engine test bed (Gasoline)
  • 150 kW Multi-cylinder engine test bed (Diesel)
  • Linear generator (LG) engine test bed and control system
  • Clayton Chassis Dynamometer
  • 350kW Engine Dynamometer
  • 40kW Engine Dynamometer
  • In-wheel motor control system and testbed
Focus Areas
The key research areas of CAREM are:
  • Controlled Combustion
  • Lightweight Vehicle & Materials
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Alternative Energy & Hybrid/EV Powertrain
 The targets for these focus areas are to:
  • Enhance the development and utilisation of alternative fuel
  • Develop energy efficient propulsions
  • Reduce and control the environmental impact of combustion exhaust
  • Develop the electric based propulsion along with its control system
Centre for Automotive Research & Electric Mobility (CAREM)
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)
32610 Seri Iskandar,
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

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