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Centre of Excellence in Subsurface Seismic Imaging and Hydrocarbon Prediction


​​Overview & Aspiration
The Centre for Seismic Imaging entails both industrial relevance as well as knowledge creation and innovative research. It provides the link between skills and competencies and product application as practiced by the Oil and Gas Industry.

Research activities include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of Current Practices in Imaging
  • Improve the Resolution & Imaging Capabilities to Image Complex Structures/Thin Beds
  • Identify Geological Circumstances & Complexities where a New Approach is needed
  • Develop Sophisticated Algorithms, not provided by Technology Providers
  • Perform Innovative Research to provide a Quantum Leap in Detecting Difficult to Find Oil
  • Develop and Mentor Young UTP Scientists In The Field Of Seismic Technology in Imaging
  • Lease with External Institutes of Learning, such as : Delft TU, Netherlands, Heriott-Watt, Imperial College UK, University of Texas & University of Oklahoma, USA, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway, BHU & IIT Bombay, India. 
Vision & Mission
In line with UTP’s aspiration, the CSI Centre will have to satisfy the following:
  • Internationally recognised by the internationally community as the Research Centre of Choice
  • A respected member of Societies such as SEG, EAGE, AAPG, SPE and others
  • A Centre of Innovative Research in Seismic imaging
  • Develop competent researchers for future
  • Provide our partners with state of the art technology guidelines and solution
  • Satisfy the shareholder’s needs and country’s aspiration to be a progressive nation
Our Business
  • Contribute to  Place UTP as a partner of choice in the field of Seismic Imaging 
  • Establish and sustain UTP as a centre of Research in Seismic Imaging
  • Encourage multidisciplinary linkages to other UTP Centres, such as
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
    • South East Asia Carbonate Research Laboratory (SEACARL)
    • CO2 Management
    • Centre for Intelligent Signal and Imaging Research (CISIR)
    • Advanced EM Research
    • Deep Water Technology
    • High Performance Computing Centre (HPCC)​
Focus Areas
  • Seismic Imaging, Illumination & Virtual Sources 
  • Hydrocarbon Prediction & Rock Physics
  • Thin Bed Resolution 
  • Full waveform Inversion
  • Shear Wave Splitting
  • Reservoir Characterisation / Modelling
  • 4D Time Lapse Seismic / EOR
  • Broadband, Multi-azimuth & Multi-component​


​Head, Centre of Excellence in Subsurface Seismic Imaging & Hydrocarbon Prediction (CSI)
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)
32610 Seri Iskandar
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

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