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 The Mace

A symbol of tradition, progress, and excellence  
The mace is a ceremonial instrument designed to reflect dignity and solemnity of the occasion where it plays a special role. Conceived of traditional design and form, it is greatly influenced by​ ethnic structures and carvings. The design proportion is in keeping with general dimensions of maces used in other universities, and divided into three main sections.

The first section starts with a black polished marble sphere held in place by two metallic orbit-like rings which are reflective of technology and advancement. The tip has four rounded sides inlaid with the UTP logo.
The logos are made from blue crystal inlaid with gold paint, very similar to the corporate colours of UTP. The base is made of pewter with a traditional motif of the "Bunga Melati", embossed on the pewter. The carving is symbolic of tradition values and customs.

Placed together with the crystal, it signifies the commitment of UTP to provide innovative technological education while not forgetting traditions and moral values integral to producing well-rounded graduates.

​The first section also has ornamental rings on both top and bottom parts, the rings are etched with another traditional motif of the "Bunga Semangat" commonly found in Malay songkets. It is capped with gold - plated rings as an aesthetic feature.