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 Department Chair's Foreword

Civil & Environmental Engineering at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) is a dynamic department. We aspire to develop leaders in Civil Engineering industries, with a firm belief that knowledge without application is akin to a book that is never read. We take great pride in developing and mentoring the engineers of tomorrow, harnessing their passion for learning. So department has put together programmes that not only focus on research and education, but most importantly relevant to industry and develops skilled human capital.

Today the Department is playing a key role in nurturing skills and competency, in particular for the oil, gas and energy sector for Malaysia. As a department, we continue to work on research problems in areas of national and international importance. These include offshore structures and deepwater technology; structural integrity and reliability of offshore platforms; offshore and onshore project management; decommissioning; geotechnical and geohazards; sustainable development and resources; carbon mitigation and green building materials; wastewater treatment and management; urban water security. In all of these areas and more, we have faculty members working at the forefront, closely with the industry partners, and the students and research staff who are producing outstanding research and technical directives to be used by the industry in design of oil and gas offshore structures.

We strive to focus selectively on oil and gas sector, partnering with numerous industries across the board, encompassing of government agencies, academic institutions and commercial partners. All these efforts convened together to bring the best of knowledge and practical applications to transform the way we educate our students, helping them see the relevance of their existence in the context of addressing critical societal needs, whilst innovating engineering solutions through application of intellectual depth and breadth. There is no limit to dreams and anything is possible, if only you dare to go.
Dr Bashar
Assoc. Prof.
Dr Bashar S Mohammed
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department