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 Research & Innovation

UTP conducts cutting-edge research across a broad spectrum of areas encompassing oil and gas research, sustainability, green technology, health, megacities and nanotechnology. Your donations will assist UTP researchers resolve some of the world's most pressing issues.


Research Projects

You may choose to support one of the many researches being conducted at UTP.​

Mission Oriented Research:

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • CO2 Management (Separation)
  • Deep Water Technology
  • Green Technology (Hydrogen and Biomass)
  • Nanotechnology

New Areas of Research:

  • Megacities
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Sustainable Sciences


Professorial Chairs

In enhancing the learning experience for its students, UTP provides an opportunity for the industry to establish and sponsor Professorial Chairs. This is part of a long-term programme that involves collaborations between UTP and major oil and gas industry players, among others, to pave the way for enhanced relationships between the industry players and academia. This is integral in the creation of a pool of educated and trained individuals. Such collaborations will enable UTP to tap the expertise and knowledge of its partners, which would then be imparted to the students. It also contributes towards UTP's efforts in strengthening its position in research and development (R&D), one of the university's core focus areas.

Currently, UTP has 4 professorial chairs namely:

  • Schlumberger Chair in Petroleum Engineering
  • Shell Chair in Petroleum Geoscience
  • Mitsubishi Chair in Green Technology
  • Technip Chair in Deepwater Structure & Subsea Technology
  • Sapura Kencana Chair in Deepwater Drilling & Construction Technology


Academic & Research Conferencess

Today's research will fuel tomorrow's technological advancements. Our successful endeavors in the area of research may hold benefits for you or those close to you. Help us find more effective and sustainable solutions to problems facing the world.

The university organises various conferences across diverse fields of research and innovation in the spirit of sustaining knowledge for the betterment of the community at large. Therefore, you can also sponsor the academic and R&D conferences as listed below:

1. Engineering, Science and Technolo​gy Congress (ESTCON) comprising the following conferences:

  • International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems (ICIAS)
  • International Conference on Information Technology (ITSIM)
  • International Conference on Plant Equipment and Reliability (ICPER)
  • International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Science (ICFAS)
  • International Conference on Sustainable Building and Infrastructure (ICSBI)
  • International Conference on Process Engineering and Advanced Materials (ICPEAM
  • International Conference on Integrated Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences (ICIPEG)
2. International Research and Development Forum (IRDF)
3. Regional Conference on Humanities (RCH)