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A Service Based Learning Program in Ocean and Coastal Engineering, Urban Water System Design And Hydraulics Courses

The event named "ATE RIVER KOME" had received impulsive support from Department of Irrigation and Drainage Perak, Manjung Municipal Council, SK Sri Bayu students, teachers and volunteers from around of Malaysia.


 "ATE RIVER KOME" was originated from a Service Based Learning Program for undergraduate students of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS to solve stream pollution problems faced by the community in Manjung, Perak. The team consists of students from Ocean & Coastal Engineering, Urban Water System Design and Hydraulics courses.


Students were performed background research on the pollution problems prior to their meetings with the community partners. Solution designs are then developed based on the collected data and discussions with them.  


On the final meeting of this program, a mini celebration event was conducted in appreciating the commitment given by the students and community partners. The ideas and solution demonstration from the students were then publicly presented in the event.


Through this program, students grown their potential in problem-solving skills, skills in making decision as well as creativity in meeting the community partner's needs.   


Rural Electrification Project

Solar panels.pngFor the first time, PETRONITA Welfare Committee collaborated with UTP and Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli (JAKOA), Daerah Batang Padang dan Muallim, Tapah, Perak to implement a rural electrification project at Kampung Batu 20, Tapah. This electrification project is intended to improve the quality of the livelihood of the Orang Asli community by providing them access to renewable and clean energy via solar power using the Photovoltaic Electricity Generating System (PVEGS) for the village. In addition to providing electricity, it also allows capability building and self-empowerment through the training on the use of solar electricity system and the scheduled maintenance of the system. This project commenced in November 2015 and took about six months of dedication and hard work to be successfully completed. More than ninety Orang Asli villagers of Kampung Batu 20 will benefit from this project.



Bio-pesticide for Improvement of Paddy Field

This is a comparative study between commercial bio-pesticide and conventional at field trial at Rice of Excellent Centre, Titi Serong. Bio-based pesticide is proven to improve paddy growth and yield.

Project Partners: Elsevier & Agriculture Department, Perak Tengah District

Protection of Endangered Species

In 2013, the University engaged with FRIM to protect four endangered tree species namely Vatica flavida (resak padi), Shorea hemsleyana (cengal pasir daun besar), Shorea macrantha (kepong hantu) and Aquilaria malaccensis(karas) that have been touted as the country’s heritage.

Project Partner: Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

Owl Houses

This is a project led by UTP Design and Prototype Centre (DPC). It designed and fabricated owl houses for farmers in Kampung Aji and Kampung Padang Marhom, critical for rat control in the padi fields. Among the improvements made to the structure compared to the previous wooden ones included improved ventilation and durability.

Project Partner: Agriculture Department, Perak Tengah District