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 Life at UTP

​​​Our Vision


To be a leader in technology education and grow to become a centre for creativity and innovation.

Our Mission


As an institute of higher learning, our objective is to provide opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge and expertise for the advancement of the engineering, science and technology sectors through our top-notch R&D centres in order to increase the nation's competitiveness.

We aim to produce well-rounded graduates who are creative, innovative and possess the potential to become leaders of industries and ultimately, the nation. In addition, UTP intends to nurture creativity and innovativeness, and expand the frontiers of technology and education for the betterment of society.

Our Aspiration

In the coming years, UTP aspires to achieve global prominence and to remain as a partner of choice for industries and continue to be a respected member of the scientific community. UTP also aims to be in the QS World Top 100 for engineering subjects, QS Asia Top 75, QS Top 150 and receive full accreditation all core subjects. In addition, we intend to nurture the highest percentage of students involved in start-ups and to have the most diversified direct industry funding and engagement in Malaysia.


Why is UTP the preferred choice?


At UTP, we operate based on four core values:

Loyalty – Remaining loyal to our organisation

Integrity – Standing for honesty and everything that is upright

Professionalism – Always striving for excellence

Cohesiveness – United and constantly trusting and respecting each other

Our values are embedded in our culture as the backbone of our business conduct. It reflects our sense of duty and responsibility in upholding our commitment towards contributing to the well-being of people and nations, regardless of where we operate.

● Inspirational People


A university is more than just classroom learning and book knowledge. It is a fertile training ground where genius is cultivated, ideas are given birth to and where leaders are nurtured. One of UTP's greatest strengths is its people who lead the university – its strong academic staff and the students. These people are visionary and decisive leaders who take the university to greater heights, both academically and through their research.


True leaders create more leaders and in this vein, mentorship plays a pivotal role in UTP with many academics looked up to highly as respected mentors. These leaders are adaptive and agile people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and thrive on collaboration to achieve a common goal. With staff members who are united in purpose, UTP inspires people and enriches lives through its academic leadership and pioneering research.

● Powering the Industry and Enhancing Lives


UTP was established with the primary goal of developing a workforce that is both skilled and professional for the oil and gas industry and has thus far, carved a niche for itself as a premier university in its field. The university's close association with PETRONAS works to its advantage as UTP powers the industry by training a highly skilled workforce and this positioning provides academics and researchers significant opportunities to specialise in oil and gas, and petroleum-related research.  


Learning is at the forefront of the industry at UTP and its close association with the industry enhances the learning experience for students while broadening the horizons of both academics and researchers. UTP's goal is to meaningfully impact the oil and gas industry that drives the country's prosperity and as such, it champions new frontiers by creating world-class science, engineering and technological solutions for both upstream and downstream industries, in order to make lives better through social innovation.


● A Partner of Choice


UTP is internationally recognised as the partner of choice for technology education in Malaysia. The visionary blueprint of the university was set up with specific goals and intentions and is designed to develop the university into an institution of higher learning that both stands the test of time and excels in every undertaking.

Having first-hand knowledge of industry requirements and with close and secure linkages to the oil and gas industry, UTP is in an ideal position to educate and train skilled and qualified personnel for the sector. Over the years, the university has successfully trained and produced graduates who are competent and industry-ready. In addition, UTP is also well-positioned to carry out research and development in the oil and gas, and energy-related sectors.


With goals and aspirations set firmly, UTP is now diligently working towards becoming a research university that is recognised internationally. The university is continuing to put in place all the necessary components, which include international networking and collaboration, state-of-the-art facilities and most importantly, the right people, in order to align and position itself towards this goal.  

● An Enriching Career


For an academic at UTP, life if not limited to just lecture halls, classrooms and laboratories. Instead, academics have abundant opportunities to participate in the planning and administration of the university as well as countless other projects within the university to get involved in. Academics are in fact, encouraged to get involved in various activities as it broadens their horizons, and contributes to their personal and professional development, which in turn, opens doors for career progression.


From leading an association and coordinating charity projects to designing comprehensive laboratories, lecturers at UTP have an array of activities to choose from. In addition to teaching and nurturing intellectuals and leaders, lecturers are involved in the management and administration of the university as well as a range of research activities.  


● A Premium Brand


Driven by discerning insights, clarity of vision and precise goals, UTP is proud to be a leader in technology, education and innovation within the oil and gas industry. The university's standing among top university is constantly elevated and it is a consistent winner of many notable awards.


Being a progressive and fast-tracked university has allowed UTP to advance as a frontrunner in technology while cementing its reputation as a premium brand for technology education in the country. This reputation is further strengthened with UTP's association with and support from PETRONAS, a premium oil and gas company, from where the university derives its name. UTP's name is further elevated as a result of the participation from students and faculty members in international competitions, expositions, exhibitions, student exchange programmes and various other academic and research platforms.


Visiting professors complement and support the teaching and research structure of UTP and this lends credibility to the university as they are invaluable sources of new insights and perspectives that help enrich the curriculum and broaden mindsets.


Find Us


Bandar Sri Iskandar is located about 40 kilometres southwest of Ipoh, the state capital of Perak. Named after Paduka Seri Sultan Iskandar Shah, a former ruler of Perak, the town only got its name after several institutions got together to start the township back in the mid-80s.


There are three tertiary institutions located within the vicinity, namely Universiti Teknologi Petronas, the University Teknologi MARA branch campus and the MARA Professional College. The new UCSI campus is slated to open in 2018.


The development in and around Bandar Sri Iskandar is centred on these institutions and the town comprises a combination of smaller satellite towns and residential pockets, including a number of shophouses. The residential properties here range from small terraced houses to larger bungalows and cater mainly to staff and students of these three institutions as well as those who conduct businesses in the area.


Bandar Sri Iskandar's main township complements these residential areas with a full range of facilities including banks, shops, restaurants, cafes, schools, shopping malls, as well as entertainment and recreational facilities. Many recognisable brands such as Tesco, Billion, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's and Domino's Pizza are also found here. This only goes to cement Bandar Sri Iskandar's status as a comprehensive township that provides its residents with all the necessary facilities and the amenities of day-to-day living.   


Ipoh is located about 40 kilometres from Bandar Seri Iskandar while adjacent towns include Tronoh and Bota. UTP is also easily accessible from Ipoh via the Lumut Highway, from the north of the peninsular via the South Expressway, via bus from Batu Gajah town and via flights to the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport from various airports across the country. ​