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​Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering with Honours


List of courses in Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering with Honours for Virtual Student Exchange programme in UTP.

No Course Code Course Name
1 PEB1012 / PDB1012 Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry and Sustainable Development
2 PEB1023 Petroleum Engineering Thermodynamics
3 PEB1033 Fundamental of Petro Exploration Eng
4 PDB1023 Introduction to Petroleum Geosciences
5 PEB1043 Reservoir Rock Properties
6 PEB1053 Reservoir Fluid Properties
7 PEB1073 Static and Dynamics
8 PEB2013 Fluid Mechanics
9 PEB2023 / PDB2023 Reservoir Engineering I
10 PEB2034 Drilling Engineering I
11 PEB2044 Well Logging and Formation Evaluation
12 PEB2053 Reservoir Engineering II
13 PEB3013 Production Engineering II
14 PEB3024 Reservoir Modelling and Simulation
15 PEB3033 Well Test Analysis
Final Year Courses / Core Specialisation Courses ​ ​
16 PDB4123  Advanced Reservoir Simulation 
17 PDB4113 Enhanced Oil Recovery
18 PDB4213 Well Control 
19 PDB4233 Offshore Drilling Engineering
20 PDB4313 Petroleum Production and Optimization
21 PDB4323 Well Stimulation Technique