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​Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering with Honours


List of courses in Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering with Honours for Virtual Student Exchange programme in UTP.

No Course Code Course Name
1 PEB1012 / PDB1012 Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry and Sustainable Development
2 PEB1023 Petroleum Engineering Thermodynamics
3 PEB1033 Fundamental of Petro Exploration Eng
4 PDB1023 Introduction to Petroleum Geosciences
5 PEB1043 Reservoir Rock Properties
6 PEB1053 Reservoir Fluid Properties
7 PEB1073 Static and Dynamics
8 PEB2013 Fluid Mechanics
9 PEB2023 / PDB2023 Reservoir Engineering I
10 PEB2034 Drilling Engineering I
11 PEB2044 Well Logging and Formation Evaluation
12 PEB2053 Reservoir Engineering II
13 PEB3013 Production Engineering II
14 PEB3024 Reservoir Modelling and Simulation
15 PDB4123 Advanced Well Test Analysis
Final Year Courses / Core Specialisation Courses ​ ​
16 PDB4123  Advanced Reservoir Simulation 
17 PDB4113 Enhanced Oil Recovery
18 PDB4213 Well Control 
19 PDB4233 Offshore Drilling Engineering
20 PDB4313 Petroleum Production and Optimization
21 PDB4323 Well Stimulation Technique