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​Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)


List of courses in Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) for Virtual Student Exchange programme in UTP.

No Course Code Course Name
1 TEB1013 Structured Programming
2 TEB1024 Computer Systems
3 TEB1143 Database Systems
4 TEB1163 Web Application and Integrative Programming
5 TEB1053 Discrete Mathematics
6 TEB1173 Computer Networking
7 TEB1093 Statistics & Empirical Method
8 TEB1193 Systems Architecture
9 TEB1203 Network Design&Architecture
10 TEB2143 Human and Computer Intercation
11 TEB2063 Wireless Technology
12 TEB2164 Introduction to Data Science
13 TEB2173 IT Professional and Ethics
14 TEB2083 Technopreneurship Team Project
15 TEB2193 Information Assurance and Security
16 TDB3063 Distributed Computing
17 TDB3093 Artificial Intelligence
18 TDB3173 IT project management
Core Specialisation Courses ​ ​
19 TDB4313 Software Requirement Engineering
20 TDB 4323 Software Design and Architecture
21 TDB4333 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
22 TDB4413 Green Computing Technology
23 TDB4423 Cloud Computing
24 TDB4433 ICT Environment