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​Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons)


List of courses in Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) for Virtual Student Exchange programme in UTP.

No Course Code Course Name
1 TEB1013 Structured Programming
2 TEB1103 Data and Information Management
3 TEB1153 Fundamental of IS
4 TEB1184 Information Technology Infrastructure
5 TEB1073 Enterprise Resource Planning
6 TEB1083 Enterprise Architecture
7 TEB1093 Statistics and Empirical Method
8 TEB1033 System Analysis and Design
9 TEB1213 Knowledge Discovery
10 TEB2123 Advanced Database
11 TEB2153 Web Application and Development
12 TEB2164 Introduction to Data Science
13 TEB3043 IS Strategy and Planning
14 TEB3313 Business Intelligence
15 TDB3173 IT project management
16 SDB3113 Database Administration
17 SDB3133 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning
Core Specialisation Courses ​ ​
18 SDB4313 Enterprise Architecture
19 SDB4323 Enterprise Information System Development
20 SDB 4333 Business Intelligence
21  SDB4413 Knowledge Management Strategies
22 SDB4423 Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques
23 SDB4433 Knowledge Discovery