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​Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours


List of Courses in Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours for Virtual Student Exchange programme in UTP.

No. Course Code​ Course Name​
1 ​VEB1012 ​Civil Engineering Drawing
​2 ​VEB1023 ​Engineering Mechanics
​3 ​VEB1033 ​Mechanics of Solids
​4 ​VEB1052 ​Engineering Fluid Mechanics
​5 ​VEB1062 ​Computational Methods for Civil Engineers
​6 VEB1072​ ​Traffic Engineering
​7 ​VEB2013 ​Geotechnical Engineering
​8 ​VEB2023 ​Theory of Structures
​9 VEB2032​ ​Water Supply Engineering
10 ​VEB2042 ​Civil Engineering Materials
​11 ​VEB2053 Wastewater Engineering
​12 VEB2063​ ​Hydraulics
​13 ​VEB2073 ​Structural Analysis
​14 ​VEB2093 ​Hydrology
​15 ​VEB2102 ​Design of Steel Structure
​16 ​VEB2113 ​Foundation & Earth Retaining Structure
​17 VEB2122​ ​Highway Engineering
​18 ​VEB3022 ​Finite Element Methods for Civil Engineers
​19 ​VEB3032 ​Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures I
​20 ​VDB4032 ​Engineering Design I
​21 ​VDB4053 ​Engineers in Society
​22 ​VDB4133 ​Pipeline and Risers
​23 ​VDB4143 ​Project Management in Oil and Gas
​24 ​VDB4213 ​Ocean and Coastal Engineering
​25 ​VDB4233 ​Coastal Planning and Management
​26 ​VDB4333 ​Sustainable Construction Materials
​27 ​VDB4323 ​Sustainable Building Design and Maintenance
​28 ​VDB4423 ​Marine Pollution Control