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​Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours


List of courses in Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours for Virtual Student Exchange programme in UTP.

No. Course Code​ Course Name​
​1       CEB3023      Process Safety & Loss Prevention​
​2      CEB 3013       Environmental Chemical Engineering​
​3 ​CEB1032 ​Health, Safety & Environment
​4 ​CEB1043 ​Principles of Chemical Engineering
​5 ​CEB1053 ​Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics
​6 CEB1063​ ​Process Heat Transfer
​7 ​CEB1072 ​Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
​8 ​CEB2013 ​Separation Process I
​9 ​CEB2023 ​Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
​10 ​CEB2043 ​Reaction Engineering I
​11 ​CEB2053 ​Process Modelling & Simulation
​12 ​CEB2063 ​​Separation Process II
​13 CEB2083​ ​Process Instrumentation & Control
​14 ​CEB2093 ​Reaction Engineering II