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​Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Chemistry


List of courses in Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Chemistry for Virtual Student Exchange programme in UTP.

No Course Code Course Name
1 YAB4313 Nanoscale Materials: Synthesis and Applications
2 YAB4243 Sustainable Water Management
3 YAB3013 Surface Science & Catalysis
4 YAB3023 Petrochemical Processes
5 YAB3042 Computational Chemistry
6 YAB4033 Organotransition Metal Chemistry
7 YAB4023 Molecular Spectroscopy
8 ZAB1053 Modern Physics
9 YAB2042 Science Team Project
10 YAB2063 Analytical Instrumentation
11 YAB2073 Quantum Chemistry
12 YAB2032 Separation Process
13 YAB2023 Physical Chemistry II
14 YAB2013 Organic Chemistry II
15 YAB1063 Material & Energy Balance
16 ZAB2072 Philosophy of Science & Information Technology
17 YAB1013 Inorganic Chemistry
18 YAB1033 Analytical Chemistry
19 FDM1023 Ordinary Differential Equation
20 FDM2063 Probability & Statistics