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 ​​​​Sample Testing ​

Sample Testing

Universiti Teknol​ogi PETRONAS offers range of testing services to meet the demands for high quality and cost effective solutions. Our equipments are latest in technology and provides solutions for both fundamental and applied engineering which leads to innovation and generating wealth to the industry.

The list below are some of the testing and analysis services that have been conducted by UTP​

No. Proje​ct Titles​​
1 ​Raman Characterization
2 Failure Analysis of Industrial Air Filter
3 Gas Chromatography Analysis
4 Temperature Programmed Desorption
5 Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography Mass Spectometry
6 Failure Analysis - Sample preparation, analysis and report using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM - Leo 1430vp) with EDX study
7 Automotive Engine Performance
8 Thermal Gravimetry Analyzer
9 X-ray Fluorescence
10 X-ray Diffraction
11 Temperature Programmed Reduction
12 Specimen Cutting