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​UTP, MPM and JPS Manjung Collaborate To Establish a Sustainable Coastal Environment in Teluk Nipah ​

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Pantai Pasir Bogak, 3 January 2023 – Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) is in collaboration with Manjung Municipal Council (MPM) and Manjung District Drainage and Irrigation Department (JPS Manjung) to establish a sustainable coastal environment in Teluk Nipah.
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Initiated by UTP Institute of Self-sustainable Building (ISB) in 2019 and led by Ts Dr Teh Hee Min, the environmental project aims to improve the quality of the coastal environment and socio-economy status of the local community in Teluk Nipah through restoration of coastal environments by combating erosion problems, partnership with stakeholders and education through awareness programmes.

Teluk Nipah Beach and Coral Beach are the most visited recreational beaches in Pangkor Island.  Nevertheless, the condition of these sandy beaches deteriorates remarkably since 2017, and the seriousness of the beach erosion has alarmed the local authorities and local communities. The erosion is principally attributed to the excessive wave forces and anthropogenic activities along the beaches. 

UTP is extremely appreciative of the collaboration between MPM and JPS Manjung as well as Hello Pangkor, an NGO, for the joint efforts in upgrading the coastal environment and socio-economic status of Teluk Nipah.

UTP is continuously working closely with the local authorities by contributing products and services developed through research and innovation for the betterment of the local community.

In this regard, the university is responding to the local authorities and local communities’ concern in Manjung by working together with JPS Manjung in constructing a 50-metre rock revetment as a proactive solution to safeguard Coral Beach from further erosion. 

The environmental project not only strengthened the university’s engagement with local authorities and community of Teluk Nipah, but also enabled the transfer of knowledge and skills to the stakeholders.

The project is part of UTP social responsibility's initiatives that focus on conserving the environment to build a sustainable society.  It is also a means for the university to give back to the community.

To gauge the awareness level of the coastal problems in Teluk Nipah among the local community, UTP organised two community engagement sessions in August 2019 and January 2022.  

The townhall sessions enabled communities of Teluk Nipah as well as Pangkor Island to share their concerns and pain points on coastal problems to the local authorities such as MPM, JPS Manjung and other local authorities.  

UTP, MPM and JPS Manjung also held a series of awareness programmes like forums and webinars on coastal vulnerability and conservation in Teluk Nipah.  During the programmes, Hello Pangkor also shared their aspiration and efforts in creating cleaner beaches in Pangkor Island. 
Moving forward, UTP hopes to collaborate with other potential partners who would like to contribute to the Teluk Nipah coastal conservation programme.