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​Weekend @ UTP

(1 February 2020) 


About 160 students came to UTP for a Weekend @ UTP, to spend a day at the university to get a feel for campus and student life.  

Together with their parents, the students experienced what UTP has to offer, not only from the academic aspects but also student lifestyle.  

WeekendatUTP-11.jpg WeekendatUTP-3.jpg

For the two-day event, the students were briefed on programmes offered in UTP and career prospects.  They were also taken for tours around the campus and to academic laboratories.  

For a glimpse of UTP students' lifestyle in sports, arts and culture, there were jamming sessions with UTP Virtuoso and UTP Gamelan group, Sanggar Kirana.  Afterwards, the students headed to oval park for a game of frisbee and the sports field for training sessions with UTP Rugby team, The Drillers, as well as UTP Football team.

WeekendatUTP-8.jpg WeekendatUTP-17.jpg

The Weekend @ UTP will be held in three weekends and targets prospective students from Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, MRSM and Sekolah Harian among others.

The first and last weekend, 1 to 2 February and 29 Feb to 1 March, are for prospective students who are considering enrolling in engineering, science or geoscience programme at UTP.  The second weekend, 15 and 16 February, are for potential students who are thinking of pursuing a technology, computing or business degree in UTP.