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A Three-Cornered Battle for UTP Presidential Election

(22 January 2020)  


Emerald Green Party, Student's Progressive Party and Varsity Civic Party were locked in a three-cornered battle for UTP Student Representative Council (SRC) President post.

Javier Vilson Villos, a first year Bachelor of Chemical Engineering undergraduate, is the candidate for Emerald Green Party, Nur Natasha Bintang Mohd Jad, also a first year Bachelor of Chemical Engineering undergraduate, is running for Student's Progressive Party, while Nur Awatiff Awang, a second year Bachelor of Petroleum Geoscience undergraduate, is the Varsity Civic Party candidate.

The Emerald Green was focused on reinvigorating holistic development and learning platforms to enrich students’ experience, Student’s Progressive Party wanted to be the advocate to empower students and ensure progress whereas Varsity Civic Party aimed to develop civic minded leaders as future technocrats.


UTP Campus Election 2020 candidates on stage

Voting took place online today from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. Upon verification of the results, UTP Election Committee declared Nur Awatiff Awang from Varsity Civic Party as UTP SRC President. The Inauguration Ceremony was to take place afterwards to officially appoint the new line-up for Student Representative Council 2020/21.

Prior the Presidential Election Day, several activities were held such as Candidate Nomination Day, Party Manifesto Night and Townhall Session.