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A Colourful Showcase of Malaysian and International Culture  

(6 July 2019)


Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) once again collaborated with Department of Higher Education, Education Ministry to organise the Festival of Colours of the World 2019 (FESCO 2019).


It was officiated by Director of Holistic Student Division, Department of Higher Education, Education Ministry, Dr Zaid Omar.


IMG_6966-min.jpgThe event was held to showcase students' talent and capability in performing arts. It also encouraged students and the public to appreciate Malaysian and foreign arts culture.  In addition, it served as a platform to promote unity through the country's diversity and uniqueness in arts and culture.


LRM_EXPORT_1351338525341_20190707_024131338-min.jpgA total of 34 teams from primary and secondary schools as well as local and international higher institutions showcased the best of Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai culture to the audience.  The participating teams competed in five categories namely International Higher Education Institution Category, Private Higher Educational Institution Category, Public Higher Educational Institution Higher Category, Secondary School Category and Primary School Category.  Among the teams were Universitas Islam Riau, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Multimedia University, Kolej Tunku Kurshiah and SK Seri Gelugor Kerteh,


Winners for each category were:


International Higher Education Institution Category

Champion:              Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia

1st Runner up           Songkla Rajabhat University, Thailand

Best Choreography: Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia

Best Costume:         Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia


Private Higher Educational Institution Category,

Champion:              UniKL

1st Runner up:          UNITEN

2nd Runner up:         International Medical University

Best Choreography:  UniKL

Best Costume:         HELP University


Public Higher Educational Institution Higher Category

Champion:              Universiti Malaya (UM)

1st Runner up:          Universiti Sains Malaysia

2nd Runner up:         Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Best Choreography:  UM

Best Costume:         UM


Secondary School Category

Champion:              Sekolah Seni Malaysia Perak

1st Runner up:          Sekolah Seni Malaysia Johor

2nd Runner up:         SMK (P) Seri Aman

Best Choreography:  Sekolah Seni Malaysia Perak

Best Costume:         Sekolah Seni Malaysia Sarawak


Primary School Category

Champion:              SK Bukit Damansara

1st Runner up:          SK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam

2nd Runner up:         SK Taman Medan


Each category winner walked away with cash prizes, trophy and certificates. 


LRM_EXPORT_4418008478993_20190713_014029673-min.jpgThis year marked the 12th edition of FESCO.  With the organisation of this event, it shows UTP's commitment in producing well-rounded global graduates who are not only academically excellent but who are creative and agile to face real-world challenges.


In relation to this, the university supports students' participation in arts and culture as it will enrich students' learning experience, create a harmonious atmosphere and strengthen the spirit of togetherness in campus.  


One example is the UTP Performing Arts Group (UPAG).  Established in 2002, UPAG was established to promote and showcase unique dances of different cultures in Malaysia. 


LRM_EXPORT_39814318649984_20190710_180155064-min.jpgUPAG has actively showcased and promoted arts and culture through various performances and competitions ranging from university to international levels.   Its members consist of talented students who are future engineers, scientists and technologists.


Through their hard work and passion towards arts and cultures, UPAG has successfully established a group of dancers that are talented and reputable. The group has accomplished many achievements through performances and competitions locally and internationally. 


Among them were second runner up in the International Folk Dance Competition and second prize in International Street Dance Parade for Cheonan World Dance Festival 2018, the Loveliest Performance in the Surin International Cultural Exchange Festival 2018, second runner up in UniKL Intervarsity Festival of Arts Traditional Dance Competition 2017.  It also won first place in New Creation Zapin Dance Category, Best Costume in New Creation Zapin Dance Category and Best Chereography in New Creation Zapin Dance Category for FESCO 2017.


UPAG had also taken part in various performances which included the Malaysian Night at Trafalgar Square London United Kingdom, A Taste of Malaysian Culture at Nottingham Arts Theatre United Kingdom, Taiwan Cultural Exchange Programme at Tsing Hua University Taiwan and Silk Road Music Festival at Xi'An, China.