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​​UTP and Energy Institute to Collaborate Energy Industry Education System

(25 April 2018)

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) and The Energy Institute (EI) of the United Kingdom today announced that they have entered an agreement for UTP to establish the Oil and Gas Industry Education Hub (OGIE-Hub) that creates greater professional exchange and skills' development opportunities through an establishment of a reference centre of knowledge in energy sector.


EI is the UK's professional body responsible for developing and sharing knowledge, skills and good practice towards achieving a safe, secure and sustainable future for the energy sector as a whole.


Located in Malaysia, OGIE-Hub will be headed by Professor Ir Dr Mohd Shahir Liew, who is also UTP's Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Innovation.  


OGIE-Hub will become the centre of excellence in quality and standardisation among Malaysia-based institution of higher learnings that offer energy related programmes.  The hub will also be the ambassador among university students and stakeholders to support the broader industry education and fostering increasing links between industry and academia.


UTP and EI will also collaborate with partners of the OGIE-Hub to solve societal challenges related to energy and renewable energy.



OGIE-Hub is an initiative to position Malaysia within the Global Energy Landscape. Strong energy demand in Southeast Asia is contributing to the shift in the global energy system's centre of gravity from West to East.


In addition, the government is ambitiously transforming Malaysia into a major maritime energy hub and revitalising the oil and gas sector. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to establish the OGIE-Hub. 


The idea of pursuing a Hydrocarbon Working Group at EI has been enhanced further after syndication of UTP's steering role in EI. To that effect, EI Leadership team endorses a full reformation and restructuring of the EI Malaysia Exco to have better representation from the upstream, midstream, downstream, academia, industry or government through an establishment of local sub-branch of EI Malaysia in Perak.


"UTP is not only committed to fundamental research, but also emphasises on industrial engagement. We are committed to ensure that our academicians are professionally recognised at international level and all research conducted must be beneficial for the society and has business value," said UTP Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib.


"UTP welcomes collaborations that would complement the function of OGIE-Hub. The establishment of OGIE-Hub will assist the university's outreach efforts to serve its students and stakeholders better, as UTP move towards global prominence. We are honoured to have this opportunity which further signifies UTP as the leading private university in Malaysia."


Managing Director (Asia Pacific) of the Energy Institute United Kingdom Peter Godfrey said that EI aims to contribute to both economic growth and a high quality of life (QoL) as it undertakes to resolve various challenges in society through innovations in science and technology. In doing so, it is important to produce graduates from accredited institutions.


"The OGIE-Hub will serve as a reference centre of knowledge where expertise and knowledge in energy will be gathered and quality and standardisation of energy education will be assured," he said.​