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UTP Wins 2nd Runner Up in National Robotics Competition

(2 May 2017)


For UTP robotics team, their two months of hard work and dedication were finally paid off when they won second runner up in a national robotics competition organised by International Islamic University Malaysia Robotic Team.
The team who called themselves Petrobots, won second runner up in the Time Rush category and walked away with a trophy and cash prizes worth RM400.  They were also Top 8 in the Maze Runner category.
Apart from Time Rush and Maze Runner, the competition offers three other categories namely Soccer Robot, Autonomous Sumo and Rero. 
It is opened to all students and aims to develop participants' competitive attitude while applying the knowledge of robotics application.
For Time Rush, the team was represented by Derek Ho, Idlan Qayyum Abdul Mohamin (both Electrical & Electronic Engineering programme), Lim Wei Hao, Phuah Zhe Sean (both Mechanical Engineering programme) and Jessica Chong Jia Pei (Chemical Engineering).  Participants were required to build a line robot/car and ensure it maintain its position until the finishing line while overcoming some obstacles.
Meanwhile, Lim Zi Xuan, Ang Kai Zhe, Jong Zhe Wei (all from Mechanical Engineering programme), Chan Tian Wen and Rozendra Jane Robindran (both Electrical & Electronic Engineering programme) competed in the Maze Runner.  For this category, the team was required to develop an autonomous robot that can navigate through a maze, collect as many balls as possible and deposit them into a box.
According to Petrobots vice president and head coach Lim Jian Huei (Petroleum Engineering programme), the team is made up of trained and skilled individuals, from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and equipped with knowledge ranging from mechanics to electronics, to chemicals.
"This is a robotic competition on the surface, but to us it means much more.  Our focus was on practical rather than theory, on flexibility rather than rigidity, on creativity rather than conformity, and on teamwork rather than individual.  Our team's experience here had been rewarding," he added.
"Last year, we were champion in the UTAR Intercampus Robotics Competition.  Winning the second runner up is a great start for us in 2017.  We will strive harder and aim for greater success. Our next goal is to compete at the international level," said Ong Yuh Hao (Mechanical Engineering programme), Petrobots president cum assistant coach.
Petrobots is a UTP students' club established with the purpose to hone robotics skills and provide exposure to robotics among its members.  Activities conducted include organising workshops and conducting robotics lab day.  The adviser is Associate Professor Dr Mohd Haris Md Khir from Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.