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​UTP Records a Remarkable Achievement at PECIPTA 2017

UTP is proud of its achievement at the recent International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning (PECIPTA) 2017.  Out of 16 innovative products submitted, the university successfully clinched 1 Special Award, 3 gold medal, 6 silver medal and 3 bronze medal.


Pecipta 2017 - 4.JPG

No Inventor Invention Title Medal
1 Prof Dr Noorhana Yahya Next Generation Green and Economical Urea Gold & Special Award
2 Dr Montasir Osman

Optimisation Numerical Tool for Semisubmersible Mooring


Lines Parameters

3 Dr Dher Mohammed Albarody Ball Socket Pipeline Jacket for Subsea flowlines Protection Systems Gold
4 Prof Dr Nasir Shafiq Green Nano Silica Gel Extracted From Sugarcane Bagasse Silver
5 AP Dr Ahmad Majdi Abdul Rani 3DP Spiral Track Gauge PDC Bit Silver
6 AP Dr Nurlidia Mansor THIOMAX Fertilizer Additives Silver
7 AP Ir Dr Mokhtar Awang WC-DLC Tool Silver
8 AP Dr Shamsul Rahman Mohamed Kutty i-SGBR (integrated suspended growth bio reactor) Silver
9 AP Dr Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad Mobile App Using Video Modelling : Autism Social-Aid Silver
10 Prof Dr Hilmi Mukhtar

A Novel Asymmetric Mixed Matrix Nanofiltration Membrane


(MMM) for Water Purification

11 AP Dr Mohamed Hasnain Isa Petro Ash Cement Bronze
12 AP Dr Faiz Ahmad Modified 316L SS for  Dental Implant Bronze
13 AP Dr Irraivan Elamvazuthi i-WAvE (Integrated Wearable Arm Exoskeleton) Bronze


Research and innovation are critical for a country's economic growth and are undoubtedly the core drivers of a university. As an institution of higher learning, UTP remains committed in its mission to generate new knowledge and create innovative products – and this achievement is a testament to this commitment.




PECIPTA has been organised by the Higher Education Ministry since 2001.   It aims to provide public and private universities to not only showcase their ideas and innovations but to compete at the national and international levels.  It also aims to enhance networking and collaboration among its participants, industry and others potential players to further explore and commercialise their products.


Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin were the co-hosts of this year's event.