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UTP Champion in National Entrepreneurship Competition

3 UTP students made the university proud when their app-based business proposal was announced as the winner of the Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talent (VEST) beating two other finalists from Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), first and second runner up respectively.  

UTP team walked away with a cash prizes of RM25,000.  They also made history as they were the first team from a private institution winning the competition.

SolviePro is an app that is created and developed by Abdul Qayyum Halid, Muhammad Abdul Haiy Halid and Mohd Ikmal Ahmad Zaihidi.  All are enrolled in the Business Information Systems programme. 

The app allows job seekers to search for jobs based on their geolocation.   It also serves as a platform for employers to channel their feedback on potential employment.  These feedbacks will help build and improve a candidate's resume based on criteria required by employers in the market.

The app also provides hourly and daily part time job which give flexibility to users who want to earn income and gather working experience.

VEST is a competition that started in April and ran for 6 months.  It was participated by 1696 students from more than 20 higher learning institutions nationwide, with a total of 273 business ideas being pitched.

Consisted of three stages, participants are taught and mentored on sale techniques, marketing, branding, effective communication, building franchise networks and financial planning in preparation to be groomed as future entrepreneurs.

"Some universities had undergone the two stages earlier than us, but we successfully made it to the Top 10 even though we started very late in September.  Later we became the Top 3, advanced to the final and eventually became the champion," said Abdul Qayyum.

The final pitching on business idea was performed in front of the Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak and more than 2000 audience members at Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak UKM.

Winners were judged based on creativity, franchise marketability, online-friendly and mobile-friendly.

During the pitching the team presented the technology concept of the business idea, the income generation method, the business plan for different phases from 2017-2025 and the collaborative network to enhance SolviePro viability.

UTP aspires to invest in the development of its students' entrepreneurial skills.   With this in mind, UTP Technopreneurship Centre is established in September last year to inculcate and nurture students' innovative and technopreneurial skills. The skills learned will assist them in solving global problems through entrepreneurship and technopreneurship while developing critical organisational skills and creating the next great university spinoff. 

SolviePro is one of the Startups that is developed through UTP Technopreneurship Centre.  The SolviePro team is one of the earliest recipients of the MicroBiz Fund worth RM2,000 from the Centre to enable them to kickstart their business project back in June 2017.

The Centre is headed by Zamri Abdullah, a senior lecturer from Chemical Engineering Department.