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Halliburton Provides Major Software Grant to UTP

(26 October 2017)

 Halliburton recently announced a multimillion dollar software grant to UTP, a leading research institution in Malaysia. The grant provides access to the latest industry software in geosciences, engineering and analytics so that students can gain practical experience to prepare them for successful careers in the oil and gas industry.


The software, provided by Halliburton Landmark, will allow students to apply scientific and theoretical principles learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. By incorporating these technologies in the curriculum, students will gain an understanding of programs that help engineers locate, extract and produce oil and gas.

"Halliburton is proud to support UTP faculty and students with this grant because it provides a valuable opportunity to enhance the educational experience and train the next generation of engineers in the oil and gas industry," said Rao Abdullah, regional vice president Asia Pacific. "We're committed to their success and believe that this grant will provide exciting new opportunities to learn from software that our employees and customers use around the world."


"We are honoured to be receiving this software grant from Halliburton. The software will provide realistic and technically up-to-date solutions tailored to our students' needs and ensure that our curriculum content is avant-garde and industry relevant.  This will not only provide our graduates with the technical skills and knowledge of their chosen field, but also prepares them to become industry-ready, leading to high industry acceptance of UTP graduates," said Datuk Ir (Dr) Abdul Rahim Hashim, UTP Vice Chancellor.

Through its University Software Grant Program, Halliburton fosters strategic academic relationships and supports education and research by contributing software to more than 200 universities worldwide.