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Deleum Collaborates with UTP to Develop New Technologies for Oil and Gas Production


Deleum Chemicals Sdn Bhd (Deleum Chemicals), a subsidiary of Deleum Berhad, and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) have recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop new cost-effective technologies for oilfield production enhancement.


The MoU was signed by Group Managing Director of Deleum Berhad Nan Yusri Nan Rahimy and Vice Chancellor of UTP Datuk Ir (Dr) Abdul Rahim Haji Hashim.  It was witnessed by General Manager of Deleum Chemicals Anwarudin Saidu and Director of Strategic Alliance Office of UTP Associate Professor Dr Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin.




UTP is a private higher learning institution established in 1997. The university aspires to be a globally prominent centre of innovation and creativity and a respected member of the scientific community by 2025.


The MoU will see both parties sharing best practices and expertise to develop new technologies and products particularly in specialty chemicals and instruments to enhance the productivity of the oilfields and reduce flow assurance issues faced by the asset owners. This collaboration signifies a great milestone for Deleum group in creating a culture of innovation in the forefront of the business.


The major thrust of the MoU is to provide a sustainable platform for student development and expose them to workplace technological challenges faced by the industry. The partnership is anticipated to create a conducive platform to develop new technologies with high potential for commercialisation.


The initial phase of the effort is planned for two years, with an option to extend, subjected to the progress and findings of the research. During this period, there will be active involvement and interaction between parties to explore new and novel inventions to solve the problems faced by the industry in their daily operations.


"As a service provider Deleum places great value on our people and our ability to innovate. For this reason, we continuously seek to invest our expertise, time and resources in harnessing human capacity, strengthening and expanding our products and services to reach new frontiers of niche and innovative solutions. This partnership with UTP will be the impetus for the group to be the active player in developing solutions for the future needs of the industry on both the technology and capacity development fronts," said Nan Yusri.


The partnership with UTP will enable Deleum Chemicals to keep abreast of new developments in technologies and capabilities, helping it to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving industry.  Deleum Chemicals is involved in the development and provision of chemical solutions for enhancement of crude oil production and flow assurance and the supply of oilfield chemicals and services to the oil and gas industry.




"The valuable exchange of professional knowledge, technical platform, guidance and direction stemming from this MoU with Deleum will continuously enhance UTP's goal towards realising teaching, learning, research and innovation excellence for the nation. We are honoured to have this opportunity which further signifies UTP as the leading private university in Malaysia," said Datuk Abdul Rahim.