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CONVO: Community Exploration @ Royal Belum 2017


Words can't describe the amount of fun we've had in the past three days from the 29th of September to the 1st of October in Royal Belum and on a houseboat at that! Visiting Kampung Jahai as well as Kampung Aman Damai, has given us a new outlook in life in a much simpler way.


The CSR project too, has made us realise that not all are fortunate to have the facilities that we take for granted, such as clean water. Thus, a nod of approval from the village's head when the project of the water filtration was completed, was very satisfying and we hope that they'll be able to use it to its full potential and for the children to lead a healthier life by drinking cleaner water.


As for the waterfall areas it has given us locals much appreciation for our greenery, and as for the internationals, it has even given them a new image, on the word greenery.


The food served was delicious as well as traditional, giving the internationals a chance to try authentic local food which many enjoyed and were even surprised. The houseboat complimented all the activities we did, so well that we didn't want to leave it. It was one of the best transportation and accommodation that we've ever been on, and staying on it for just two nights, left all of us in a state of tranquility and peacefulness.



Swimming in the lake was one of the many highlights of the trip, making all of us tired to the core in the best way possible, especially with the view. The view, can by no means be described in words. It was just simply breathtaking.


All in all, if ever, any of us had a chance to go again, none of us would hesitate to grab it. All thanks to our amazing sponsor, Koridor Utara Malaysia, the houseboat organiser with their outstanding hospitality, Destination Perak Sdn. Bhd., and last but not least the International Student Relations Unit of SSSD of UTP, for having led us on this eye-opening trip for the CSR project.


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