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‚ÄčAssoc Prof Dr Suzana Yusup recognised as the Top Research Scientist Malaysia 2016

(15 August 2016)

Congratulations to Assoc Prof Dr Suzana Yusup from Department of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) for being awarded as the 2016 Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) by the Academy of Sciences, Malaysia recently.  


She was among 10 recipients selected nationwide.  This made her the 2nd recipient of TRSM award from UTP after Prof Dr Azmi M Shariff received his last year.


The TRSM aims at fostering a culture of excellence in science, technology and innovation (STI). TRSM recipients are selected based on the contributions they have made towards STI and in meeting the agenda of the nation.


Dr Suzana is a pioneer in the establishment of biomass research areas at UTP.  

She has published in numerous journals, articles and conferences and also lead several research grants at both national and international levels. 


She was the recipient of over 35 research product awards from Japan, Belgium, USA and Malaysia.  She won various important awards, which included, among others, the 2nd prize in the Elsevier Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge (2016), Asia Research Award (2012) and Creativity Award Geneva (2011).


Her current research area is related to green technology which covers conversion of biomass and waste to value added products and biofuel. The objective of the research work is to promote green technologies and sustainable environment and improve social economic well-being of the society. This is evidenced from her granted patents in which novel, cheaper and energy efficient technologies have been developed to convert biomass to value added fuels such as green hydrogen and metyl esters.


In addition, she has also successfully synthesised adsorbent from waste materials to reduce CO2 in post combustion process. Waste utilisation and conversion to value added products creates revenue to the society and promotes the '3R' (reduce, reuse and recycle) concepts.


Among the technologies that she has developed at pilot plant scale are the catalytic conversion of biomass and waste to green hydrogen and the utilisation of hydrodynamic cavitation technology to produce esters and other biobased products.


Her research on biopesticide development has attained international recognition with its contribution towards food security agenda.  It has helped farmers to improve their paddy yield at one of the villages in Perak Tengah with a more user-friendly biopesticide and poses no harm to the farmers.


Dr Suzana's research on biomass supports the government's aspiration as biomass is anticipated to contribute an additional RM30 billion to the nation's Gross National Income through sustainable utilisation of biomass by converting it to higher value-added products.