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Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) recently took part in the Minggu Sains Teknologi dan ICT Negeri Johor (MISTI Johor).

Officiated by Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, MISTI Johor was held with the following objectives:

  • Improve awareness among the public and promote sharing of information on science, technology and ICT.
  • Build and strengthen strategic cooperation between Johor state government, public and private sectors in Malaysia on technology and innovation.
  • Provide a medium for information exchange between the government, business and the public on the latest technology and innovation.
  • Strengthen strategic partnership between the government and the private sector on the latest technology and innovation in the fields of science, technology and ICT.

Visitors and participants of this program consisted of educators and students in schools and higher education institutions, government and private sector workers, non-governmental organisations and the public.

Various activities were organised during the one-week event such as conferences, expos, exhibitions, forums, workshops, seminars, demonstrations and competitions related to ICT, science, innovation and technology.​

DCIS was represented by their 3 lecturers, Norshuhani Zamin, Goh Kim Nee, Dr Emy Elyanee Mustapha and 5 IT students.

UTP students demonstrated their robotic project, called the LEGO Mindstorm Robotic, while Norshuhani conducted a seminar titled “ICT: Bridging Reality and Fantasy”, attended by 100 secondary students from form 4 and 5 of various schools in Johor.  The secondary students were excited to learn about robotic applications and enjoyed the seminar.


​MISTI Johor 2014 is a good platform to promote UTP IT programmes, especially to secondary students of Johor.  When the students visited UTP’s booth, they showed keen interest and enthusiasm in pursuing their studies in UTP.   Incidentally, UTP’s booth also won second place for the most beautiful booth.​​​