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120 Year 6 students from SRK St Bernadette’s Convent, Batu Gajah recently attended the Go-Science programme held at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) on 22 June 2013.   The event was officiated by En  Ahmad Maswan Ahmad Fuaad, District English Language Officer, South Kinta District​

Organised by UTP Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FSIT),  Go-Science programme is held with the following objectives:

  • ​To create and elevate primary school children’s awareness of Science through real and hands-on experiments.  These experiments will then assist to develop students’ long term spatial memory.
  • To build and boost students’ interest of learning Science by connecting science in their everyday life.  This will aid students to understand better the fundamental concepts of Science. 

For Go-Science, the students were required to carry out five experiments at UTP Chemistry Laboratory.  The experiments that were carried out are based on Year 6 Science UPSR syllabus, which are Colour Float Experiment-Density, Acid and Alkaline, Yeast Air Balloon-Respiration, Types of Electric Circuit, Reflection and Refraction of Light and Air Pressure.

Overall, the students and teachers felt that Go-Science programme has benefited them tremendously as it has enhanced their understanding of science through practical skills, data manipulation and scientific data interpretation.